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    soccer,fishing, hunting, masonry. trying to learn wood sculpture with a chainsaw..its harder than most think. I Like body art..and chilling with my kids.
  1. kpinblackout

    Kaks pre 94 bubblegum, going for a pound plant.

    3 grams shy of a pound
  2. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    Interesting man, Sumthin happened, not sayin it was you, just sumthin. lol. Looking forward to seeing the rest of this, appreciate the update. whatever happened id bet it was something I did.... just no sure what.....im fecking up hardcore
  3. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    not sure really......they were all planted barley below the soil.....and fed straight water. ambient temps in the high low 70s...theres still time a few more might come up....if not ill find a good mom and clone them
  4. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    after a week in the medium only 4 have popped above the soil....bummer...
  5. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    im the master procrasinator....i just got around to mixing medium this am.....i changed it up a bit this run.... 6parts virging promix to 4 parts nitrogen enriched perlite.(claims it will be gone withing 4 weeks) .. not the miricle grow crap. mix looks alot looser and feels lighter then running straight from the bale....i hope the plants like it
  6. kpinblackout

    This Is About Bullying.

    bullying is a learned trait.... my point is.. does no good to teach kids thet its wrong cause the bullies are gonna think its funny and cool to know the consequences of thier actions...thats why bullies bully.... the ONLY way to stop it is to break the cycle, which in my opinion is instilling fear in the parents( which more than likly is the cause of thier childrens behavior. Its been my experience that bullies only pick on kids they know wont fight back......same as a woman or child beater... so itsd my pledge to give em a taste, and deal with the consequences lol. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THIS. There is no video or public speaker thats gonna end this.....the only ones whoo learn from it are the victims. bottom line.... IF you wanna stop a bully break thier fathers jaw...it may not be ethical.... but id bet any ammount of money it would be more effective then bully awareness week....an eye for an eye.
  7. kpinblackout

    This Is About Bullying.

    bulllying sucks.... but in my case i kept a lipstick list and now at 6'1 230lbs i see and offer each of my tormenters a chance to relive our youth and pick an me as grown ups.... to my dismay none of them ever take me up on it. damn shame, all my training and holding in pent up agression is for nothing....pussies. luck as an adult with kids of my own... i have my way of dealing with bully kids hasnt happened yet, but i fully intend on goign straight to the parents of the bullies and showing them how it feels. call it immature, but these are my kids were talking about....and i have zero tolerance for anthing keeping them from feeling comfortable and worthy of being around people . i know from personal experieance that bullying ruins kids, and warps their perception of EVERY thing around them and ill be in prison befor i klet that happen to them like it did me.....so if youd like to make a dontation to Kpins anti bulliing bail fund the adress is......jk
  8. .my calculaions...3 joints per day minumumx365========1095 joints..... and im talking pinky sized cannons usualy. thats average aint it?\
  9. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    22 of 22 bb have craked and now have 1/8-1/4 inche taps....one of them seems to be a mutant... gonna plant it anyway. ill have pics tonight
  10. kpinblackout

    New years grow of KAKs Dieselberry.

    of 22 beans 20 have cracked...no tails yet tho
  11. dunked 22 beans into greentea last night...the plan is to run whatever i get for females the best way for the situation(ie..if i get alot of femmes itll be a sog if i get less than 10 ill veg them a bit longer) I plan to do more complete logs from here on out but ill be traveling again this winter so itll come in chunks....
  12. look at the pics in the article....no way are 3000 of those plants worth 8m dollars....maybe if the wieght them wet....typical media hype for the anti canna people...i agree it shouldnt be grown on public land especialy if it turns out to be a cartel grow . if it wasnt then the growers should be punished just as severly becuase its people like this that fuel the anti herb fire and feck up all weve achieved in the last 10 years...
  13. I was just wondering other than a rupture how can you tell if your mh(veg bulbs) need to be replaced...i have 2 sunmasters right now and im wondering if they have much life in them left after three full grows