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  1. We hope you enjoyed a very happy birthday. ♥

  2. eloquentsolution

    Maggie Mae

    Thanks for your thoughts. Please email any pix of maggie that you all may have. Ta=hanks again Carla aka ES
  3. eloquentsolution

    Maggie Mae

    It has been along time since I have posted, I think sometime around Mom's passing. I feel compelled to tell the story of Maggie's passing to her friends on the site. March 15th, Wednesday morning was beautiful and sunny. Maggie was begging for a walk as usual. I put her off until a few necessary tasks were complete, then happily obliged her. The prior night had been a hard one. She cried and whimpered, getting up, going out and coming back in. I feared this mornings walk would be her last. She was slow; it took nearly 45 minutes to do a 15 minute walk, but she would not turn back. Each old marking drew her attention, the moving shadows her admiration and aromatics long interest. It seemed she knew this was her last walk and she would savor its every moment. She smiled through her grey muzzle. When we came home she was happy to lie down in the living room while I conducted business, but soon she was in the front yard by the fense laying in the sun. She did not move. When I concluded business, I went to her. It was time. I loaded her into my car and took her to the vet. She passed gazing into my eyes while i petted her. She lived a long happy life. I will forever be grateful for the privilege of her companionship and I will miss her greatly. She is going for walks with mom and dad now. They loved her nearly as much as I...... RIP Maggie Mae 22 February 2000 to 16 March 2016
  4. eloquentsolution

    Portland Extracts

    Splitting product is the way i started years ago. It served all quite well. Times have changed and those that are concerned with efficacy as well as quality are keeping all of their meds by paying for the service, if you must have others extract for you. There are many ways to extract and each provides a different outcome. If you are choosing to extract with a non-eatable solvent, be sure you are checking temperatures to remove all residual solvent. There has been a case of liver failure with iso extractions. I am reasonably certain it was due to improper purging at the end. Check skunkpharmresearch.com for correct procedures. Let’s keep this a medicine rather than make it into a product that is harmful. If you all are interested, I will run a class for ethanol (alcohol, this too is a chemical) extractions. Are you all interested?
  5. eloquentsolution


    runnning her regularly. vigorous...
  6. Oil before flowers! WOW. I'm right, yes? They are not legal for any other form of cannabis? And they are talking they will to be next for legality??? WOW
  7. eloquentsolution

    Heaven has another Angel.

    My heart is with you. I know your pain.
  8. eloquentsolution


    According to Dr Robert melamede, cannabis can cure HIV! Large doses....
  9. eloquentsolution

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    i talked to a chemist about tobacco mosaic virus. he says most who think they have it do not..... then there are the smokers. many will not let smokers into their grow rooms due to the virus being carried on their person. Really good reason to quit!
  10. eloquentsolution

    Grams Per Watt aka GPW

    .7 to 1.2 strain dependent.
  11. Dr. Robert Melamede, who just spoke at a Skunk Pharm lecture spode highly of its use for countering the paranoia and anxiety of too much thc. it will do nothing for any of the remaining symptoms, but gee, that is all one needs. Dr Bob says the dose is three times the cannabis dose.
  12. eloquentsolution

    Help me help my mother...

    good one sinfull! i agree. start with small doses. When Mom passed she was happily on three grams per day. perhaps the old folks need more cannabinoids because their systems are depleted, or maybe they just like being "closer to god". LOL i have a titration chart helping people to "bump up". It is also easier if one uses a high cbd strain which does not have the same psychoactive effects. pm me if you wish me to send it to you. ES
  13. eloquentsolution

    The Incredible World of Navel Fluff

    my dad had a friend who collected belly button fuz! yuk
  14. eloquentsolution

    How to Reduce Static in Dry Environs?

    skunk pharm no longer supports open blasting as sit is dangerous and there are safe alternatives, like closed loop systems. that said, wearing only natural fiber from your skin out, is mandatory, but there are many other factors as listed above. if using a fan, and i hope you do, put it down wind to eliminate spark from your area. make sure it is plastic not metal blades. have a fire extinguisher handy as well as a blanket to smother flame if needed. i do agree with previous posters. not knowing your skill level, it is hard to advise.