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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Bama girl

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    Im in need of a 2 bedroom house ,trailer,or an apartment available to rent at earliest convenience.rent no higher then 800 month. email me at tiffineymcclellan90@gmail.com. in portland ,tigard, beaverton, or surrounding areas. ommp friendly would be a blessing.
  4. Bama girl

    need help with mold

    I have a problem with mold. I have been folier spraying actinovate once a week as directed. it has not helped. i soiled feed it yesterday with it but can use only ever 8 weeks that way. does anybody have any ideas on killing mold. i have used products that treat it but not kill it. how to prevent it. growing in closet with 2 44 in t5. using 2 fans for air. Any help would be great.
  5. Bama girl

    Lavendar Lemon Sour

    Hello all, been awhile but wanted to share the success of all the failed attempts of having a great harvest. This is the first time out of many Harvest that I have truly learned my own technique of growing this wellness plant. Please give me your honest feed back Thanks. The first 5 photo's is the Lemon, and the other 3 are Lavendr, I didn't have many pictures of her but she was awesome as well.lol
  6. Bama girl

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Omg i had no clue about tmv, Had no idea tobacco could affect plants. Im a smoker no more touching my plants after smoking lol, Thanks for the info. Thats why i love this group. Learn something new every day. Thanks guys for the good job you do.
  7. Bama girl

    New Garden New Grow

    looks really nice.
  8. Bama girl

    Easiest cloning,,,

    ok im trying the glass of water on a lemon diesel and a maroccen. cant spell it lol. how long before i see roots?
  9. Bama girl

    How to take out a spider if they freak you out,,

    i hate spiders too,but brass knuckles lmao but living with mom just made it funny as hell to me.
  10. Bama girl

    thanks again

    i just want to say to all that has helped me thank you. i cant express that enough. thank you for my birthday hellos. i have no family so that just made my day. you have become my family. so again thanks all. with lots of love Tiffiney
  11. Bama girl

    curing your medicine

  12. ice looks very nice as well as field of dreams.
  13. Bama girl

    Easiest cloning,,,

    Thank u i will try this. Im not cutting them long enough. Will get root stuff. Thank you so much.
  14. Bama girl

    Easiest cloning,,,

    this is probably a stupid question how do i keep clone in cup. it falls out or leaves fall in cup and turn yellow. how long does it take to see roots. do i change water every few days? do you have to use a root inhanser? not having luck with cut to dirt. it did work on two clones but they are hibrids not sure if that matters or just got lucky on those two.
  15. Bama girl

    Easiest cloning,,,

    i cant get my lemon dieasel to clone. just putting in dirt isnt working. how do you keep cutting from seeking into cup. great plant but want clone for crap. please help.