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    I like little bit of everything, Outdoor such as mudding, plants, horses, all anmails. I enyoy hanging with friends, chilling everthing. All around person.

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  1. 29 years ago today, you were born, 29 days from today your daughter will be born. :D 



  2. Happy Birthday. Your mom and I love you. See you later today. :) 


  3. Happy Birthday Jessi. Mom and I are so porud of you!

  4. I hope you have one of the best birthdays ever tomorrow. Sweet dreams little one. ♥

  5. She looks beautiful
  6. Jessi

    Congratulations Jessi, You've won!

    Thank you! I got it, and I love it.
  7. Jessi

    Contest iphone microscope adapter by Ranchero65,

    48!!!!!! Lol