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  1. KarrMcDebt

    Odd Duck

    Only ONE branch is turning purple. Has anyone ever seen this kind of thing before?
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. KarrMcDebt

    Forest Green

    I will look for photos. It grew to be about 6.5' tall and about 4.5' diameter. It was very viney, mostly stem with tiny fan leaves and thumb-sized colas (maybe 100 tops). and lots of popcorn. It yielded only about 12 oz of decent smelling/tasting buds. Mid-grade meds. I would not try and grow this strain indoors. It would be up in the lights every day, take up lots of space and not give you the yield you want.
  4. KarrMcDebt

    True Terpenes "Essential Package" giveaway (COMPLETED)

    Da Kennels on OMMP Oregon Medical Marijuana PIF Facebook page by choosing the number 82. The generated number was 126.
  5. And here is our next giveaway: Win a True Terpenes "Essentials Package" that includes 1ml of each of the following: Alpha Pinene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, and Terpinolene. To qualify, pick a number between 1 and 1000 and tell us how you would use your new terpenes. I will use a random number generator to get the winning number on Sunday, Feb 11th at 5pm. https://buy-terpenes.com/learn/ https://trueterpenes.com/product-category/terpenes/
  6. I recently had the opportunity to test out a couple of products from https://24kcbdplus.com/. I was sent their Pure CBD crystals and their muscle pain salve, so I called a friend up that had been having some back problems to come over and play guineapig for me. We started with dabbing some of the pure crystals. They produced a very smooth and cool hit that tasted like the smell of cherry chapstick. My guineapig noted an immediate relaxing of his back around the problem spot. After dabs I had him try the muscle pain salve on the affected area. I have sensitivities to menthol/camphor so I abstained. We continued our conversation for a few minutes and then my friend noticed happily that his back had relaxed. Moments later the vertebrae slipped back into place and his pain was completely gone. He attributed this to the relaxing properties of the CBD and the pain salve. While this was a best-case scenario, and not to be expected typically, I'd say that we both are convinced of the beneficial properties of both of the CBD products. 24KCBDPlus now also have the capability to take credit cards. My only real criticism of the product was that the product labels, (not the company logo) were home printed, probably in an attempt to keep the prices lower, but would look more professional if they were ordered. I wouldn't let the home printed labels deter you, their products are high quality and with 24KCBDPlus' frequent discounts are competitively priced.
  7. Happy New Year. 

  8. So by now you've probably guessed that I have a fairly positive bias towards this company and their products, so I decided to try something a bit different. I invited a couple friends over for dabs, a former large scale grower and blaster, and his fiance'. We opened with a dab of GDP and a bowl. After BSing for a while I loaded up a dab of "Indica Blend" for my friend. I gave him a minute to catch his breath and asked him what he thought of the dab,... 10 minutes and 21 subjects later he looked at me and asked "What was the question?" I'm pretty sure that is a better review of the product than I could come up with.
  9. Here it is, the contest you have all been waiting for. I am giving away .5 ml of True Terpene's (https://buy-terpenes.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/TrueTerpenes/) "Super Lemon Haze". Pick a random # between 1-1000, CLOSEST NUMBER (over or under) wins. Post your guesses in the comments of this post. Numbers are first come first serve so check to be sure your number hasn't already been chosen. If there is a tie we will have a tiebreaker challenge. There are 4 possible chances as I will make this same post in 4 different places; First is on my personal page: (https://www.facebook.com/freemygreen.pdx/) Second, on OMMP Oregon Medical Marijuana P.I.F. (https://www.facebook.com/ommpeddie/) Third , on Ommp Pay It Forwad (https://www.facebook.com/ommppayitforward/), And lastly on the actual OMMP PIF page (https://freemygreenpdx.com/) I will ship the winner the sample, and a micro dropper, and I'll cover the shipping. Contest begins now and ends December 31st at midnight. And GO!
  10. The "Sativa Blend" has a bright and clear headed effect, probably from the Beta Caryophyllene, so there is probably less risk of the anxiety that sometimes accompanies the more energetic Sativa strains. While it is not modeled after any strain specific profile, I found it's flavor pleasant and if I did not know, i would probably not identify it as "Terpene Enhanced." I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed with a product from this company, from packaging all the way to quality and effectiveness. Mixing up some "Sativa Blend" concentrate enhancer from True Terpenes
  11. How Terpenes Radically Change your Experience of Cannabis
  12. So I moved wrong, and a vertebra slipped out of place, along with the attached rib. That and the accompanying muscle spasms were all the excuse I needed to review TrueTerpenes "GRANDDADDY PURPLE" concentrate enhancers. I had already been impressed with TrueTerpenes "Super Lemon Haze", so I jumped at the chance to try out the effects. I mixed a portion of a drop out by dipping the dropper and touching it to 4 or 5 good dabs in a petri dish and warmed it until they liquified, then mixed thoroughly. I set the dish in the fridge for a few moments so it would set up and took a good dab. The GDP has a very intense flavor, but I really enjoyed the way it painted my tongue. It has a nice earthy/spicy kinda thing going on. Within a couple of dabs I was starting to feel my muscles relax and the spasms fade till I was finally able to find a comfortable position. The infamous GDP couch lock set in and I spent some time just watching a video game. By the time I was wanting to get some food I had nearly no pain except for the occasional twinge when I turned wrong. I have to say I'm convinced that the Entourage Effect is a real thing, and I couldn't be more excited that we can now customize our flavors, and even more importantly, the effects of our concentrates.
  13. I recently had the opportunity to sample some of True Terpene's products. When they arrived I just couldn't wait to try these out, so I enhanced a small sample of some so-so dabs with some super lemon haze by True Terpenes. WOW!!! Now the label says to let the flavors cure into the concentrate for 24 - 48 hrs, but I couldn't wait. Right off I noticed a major improvement. Limonene was the obvious flavor, but there are many others in there, creating a complex flavor experience. I am excited to taste the fully cured product. The flavor was very intense, but I used too much of the product, (it is difficult to get the dosage right on a small amount of concentrate since the dosage is 1-4 drops per gram), and I expect the flavors to mellow and blend as it cures. That being said...I noticed an immediate change in the effect, seriously improving and tuning the high into a bright and energetic buzz, with a clear head. I absolutely believe that the added terps upgraded my so-so dabs to a much more effective and pleasant experience.If the rest is anywhere near as good I will be well on my way to being a true believer of this product. https://www.facebook.com/TrueTerpenes/?ref=br_rs True Terpenes website