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    Montana, USA
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    Medical cannabis, growing (VERY NEW to this), political and social activism, athiesm, crochet, ham radio, gardening, camping, travel
  1. BonnieJeanneTonks

    Starting DWC

    Thanks, I'll look into GH. Just put my seeds to germinate a few minutes ago. Lemon Pledge - 4 seeds Bluberry Blast - 5 seeds Northern Lights - 6 seeds We'll now see what we get - I hope I pull at least two females from each!
  2. BonnieJeanneTonks

    Starting DWC

    GH nutes? Where can I find those? Our water is a little harder than I'd like, and I am looking at a whole house RO system. Just filter it at the meter. That might involve redoing some pipe, though, and we're not able to do that right now. This is the system I'm using. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009JUQO9I/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Getting ready to grow again! DAYS AWAY FROM STARTING SEEDS!

    1. St0nA


      Exciting! Best of luck.



      Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We all look forward to watching. :)

    3. xbrpete


      Everybody in the pool!

  4. BonnieJeanneTonks

    Starting DWC

    After an absence of nearly two years I am growing again. This time I've gone with a DWC and I'm rather clueless about when to flood/drain (not that I'm there yet, I'm waiting on seeds.) I'm doing 5 gallon buckets, I'll post a photo soon when I get things all set up. I am also wondering about how to keep things warm since it's in my (rather cool) basement. Should I put a heater in my reservoir? How should I heat my 4x4x7 tent? I have yet to get my fans and filters installed but after that I'm pretty close to being ready to go I think. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the help!
  5. BonnieJeanneTonks

    Late Flower Cloning

    When should one move their clones (from early flowering mothers, about 14 days into cycle) into 18-6 light? I have my clones in 24-0 to reverse the hormones. They have roots showing so I'm going to transplant. So when should I switch their light schedule?
  6. No i was talking to cowboy7. ☺

  7. howdy, welcome to our lil fam!

  8. There will be a bunch of people helping you soon. Thanks for looking. I will send you the password to the activism forum.

  9. Thanks - I had to run earlier but I'll look around more tomorrow. Just got 3 new ladies and I'm trying to cobble something cheap together! Looking forward to the great info here :)

  10. Welcome to the site. Please make an introduction in the intro forum and the site will let you post in all non-private areas,

  11. BonnieJeanneTonks

    First indoor

    Photos of my first indoor grow