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    "Nothing ventured Nothing gained"
    Straight people don't know, what you're about
    They put you down and shut you out
    l love you sweet leaf

    Hidden power, secrets, cover-ups, corruption. You think you know the whole story? Think again. I've been governor, a Navy SEAL, a fighter. I've heard things that will blow your mind. And now I think it's time that you get the whole story. ~Jessie Ventura
  1. Cool man, My cdxpp are taking off also!
  2. Transcendence

    Hey Hey Time To Wake This Sleeping Dog Up...

    What a kickass thread! Thanks for sharing guy's!
  3. Transcendence

    Damn Blues -- closed

    God bless America! Hahaa Those are some happy girls. Just beefy. Very impressive!
  4. Transcendence

    Kak's JCXPP / CDXPP test run!

    Thanks Pete....> Gonna make this one special bro! Thx jm! stay tuned. Well of course Eddie....thank you all! The mutants where slow starts and crinkled...ima let them go until they show something...Thanks again bro!
  5. TTT > This is going to be a challange! Wake up Florida!
  6. Transcendence

    Kak's JCXPP / CDXPP test run!

    Update 3 jcxpp top row, 3 cdxpp bottom And a wreckedberry >
  7. Ok coolio! I started 5 cdxpp and 5 jcxpp. 3 cdxpp are up and going good 2 didnt make it. 5 jcxpp are up....I have 2 mutants.... and 3 going good. Pic's comming soon they are still lanky a few day's to long under the cfl incubator! :Big Grin:
  8. Transcendence

    Kaks Dreamy Affy. by Dlo

    Killer Grow man! I made lots O dry ice hash from my Monster Dreamy Affy's....
  9. Sweet> Ohh yeah I'm with ya... PeAcE!
  10. Oh yeah Killer! So grateful to be here with this group & Pif \m/
  11. Transcendence

    Dieselberry, Wreckberry by KaK...

    Wow ;) Killer!
  12. Transcendence

    Kaks Reference Pictures

    Ahh yes my favorite thread! Can't wait to see this male do his thang. ;) Such an inspiration....thanks for what you share brother!
  13. Transcendence

    Pineapple Princess

    Ohh yeah looking great! Can't wait to see you put this one into overdrive
  14. Transcendence

    Dreamy Affy (my pheno #2)

    Hey my friend, look at this one, sure does look like the Pre-Historic Indy pheno you had right?! How did yours smoke? Thanks for the kind words bro! Very close...;) Incredible very stout and fast....rock hard buds..uhmmm Made killer dry ice hash & Lung buster hits of Dreamy blue Dank... Never had Blue Dream, but this definitely had the Blue Dream taste and smell ( in my mind ) ya know? Haha. Wish I still had her.... Just really satisfied me. I really enjoyed the effects of this Mix! > Thanks KaK! Very impressive grow man! PeAcE!
  15. Transcendence

    Dreamy Affy (my pheno #2)

    Killer work Stockton....Wow! And I thought I had the Fo ShizzLe BizzLe! Haha Cool bro >PeAcE!