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  1. Finally got a job! Going to be working at Natural Grocers here in Kansas, which means eventually I'll be able to transfer back up to an Oregon store! Ticket out has arrived!

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    3. xbrpete


      Congrats BB!

    4. offdababa


      Killer man! Always good to hear from ya.


  2. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. got a call back about a job app at an organic grocery store in the area. Playing phone tag now, but it sounded promising!

    1. offdababa


      Good luck BB, Get fat and happy workin there! hehe.

  4. I've fallen in love with longboarding

    1. teddys head

      teddys head

      jobs a goodin Bb ,,enjoy



      :) Enjoy life my friend.


  5. It's so nice to toke my own herb again... 2 months more on the cure too! Fith.

    1. Soulreaper


      made it home safe then?


    3. offdababa


      hehe BB your a wild one man, glad your home to your buds.

  6. Damn Blues -- closed

    Looks incredible brother! Grown and bred by a master's touch.
  7. Bumming around on the beach in Encinitas, CA. Fly back to KS the 5th, gonna be on more often after that. Miss ya'll!



      Sounds like so much fun. Enjoy it while you can,. We miss you too.

    2. offdababa


      Glad to hear from ya BB, We miss ya and look forward to your return! you rock man. lol

  8. How did you work your way down the coast? "Playing music, teaching people to make hash, and writing college students' papers..."

    1. Soulreaper
    2. offdababa


      BB I am always glad to hear from you man.


  9. greenhouse power 2nd year....

    they look rocking man, great job! Your love and care is evident.
  10. Should be arriving in PDX around 5:10pm today!

    1. Soulreaper


      whooot, party in PDX lol. wish I could be there bro, but today is my womans bday :)

    2. Brownbear


      The eagle has landed. Cakaww!

    3. Soulreaper


      Welcome home bro :)

  11. who leaves a window like that in their grow room? scrubs.
  12. didn't get the job, but they are going to hire me to write some informational pamphlets for them on extractions, growing, and strains!

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    2. Unistasis


      sad, but glad you get to make some dollars

    3. offdababa


      Dang, enjoy what life gives ya man, Theres a oregon mountain top home somewhere for ya!

    4. usstoner


      thats cool..

  13. Woke up to find out the dog pissed on my bed. Went out to clear my mind and got in an accident, trailer hitch went through my radiator. Oiy vey.

    1. KarrMcDebt


      I feel for you my brother. Have a better day.

    2. Soulreaper


      dang man, hope day gets better


    3. Unistasis


      What the hell bro? Man, I hope your'e ok and that the damages don't drain you completely for cash! Such bad timing, such unluck.

  14. Woke up to find out the dog pissed on my bed. Went out to clear my mind and got in an accident, trailer hitch went through my radiator. Oiy vey.