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  1. Suzycrmcheese

    Sir Sly

  2. Suzycrmcheese

    I feel like I'm drowning

  3. Someone in the cannabis industry needs to get involved. It takes cash to run for any office, and this is a worthy cause!
  4. OMG...this is becoming dangerously scary. What is wrong with these people? Is the county doing so well financially they don't need the tax revenue? Somebody needs to be voted out. Hopefully, the state has some good lawyers...this is ridiculous!!!
  5. Suzycrmcheese

    R.I.P. Lady Strider

    So sad! Way too young..R.I.P. lovely Lady!
  6. Wow, that was a horrendous story. Why is Foremski allowed to work at an OLCC cannabis farm...I know, innocent until proven guilty, but he should be laid off or something in these circumstances. Hope they put away all these guys!
  7. Thank you for your continued support of our community. ♥

  8. Suzycrmcheese

    Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    I don't need 2 that I can't figure out...lol. Seriously, let someone else win. I'll come back later and study this tutorial...thanks, EK!
  9. Suzycrmcheese

    New REC Grow - what would YOU choose??

    Purdy!! What strain was that EK? I only did the 10 oz once, and lately, it's been 4 to 7. ???? I was using TeraFlores which was non-organic and switched to organic, Botanicare. Just found that same company is now making an organic product Bio-Vega and Bio-Flores so we'll see where that takes me.
  10. Suzycrmcheese

    Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    I won this already a while back. I'm embarrassed to say I can't figure out how to work it
  11. Suzycrmcheese

    New REC Grow - what would YOU choose??

    Well I see you have no responses because pretty sure it's rare for a home inside grower to get one lb... Best I've ever done is 10.5 oz with Lemon Kush...that was all bud not leaves or stems if you are counting that. Have gotten 3.75 lbs on outdoor all bud...also Lemon K
  12. Suzycrmcheese

    root structure

    I want those roots for my balm!!!