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  1. Vapeit

    Bereavement of Homicide

  2. Although I like Tom Davis and what he is doing in the SC Senate, it's not just the republicans making the effort for mmj in SC. Another gentleman by the name of Todd Rutherford, a democrat is also leading the way in the SC House. From what I've seen, Todd Rutherford will be the man to follow, he's working closely with NORML to construct a bill that will actually be useful to the patient.
  3. I am very familiar with Dr. Johnathan Halford, the neurologist from MUSC mentioned in the article. He was my neurologist for close to 10 years working at both MUSC and the VA hospital which is right down the street. He was the lead physician on the 2-year drug trial I participated in. In my personal opinion he's an arrogant, useless piece of shit. I see he's still on his kick about big pharma drugs not turning you into a zombie. Can we say bought and paid for!
  4. Just more smoke and mirrors so you won't pay attention to what they are really doing. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/12/defense-bill-passes-rio-tinto_n_6317946.html Ya know, like, get them stoned so they won't pay attention to the fact the scumbags in DC are selling sacred Apache lands to foreign mining corporations.
  5. I'm not to keen on politicians in general but I have to say that as far as politicians go, Tom Davis is not too bad. He has a workable bill he is trying to get passed in the senate. Although the current CBD only bill does cover me as an epileptic, I can't find a doc that will write the required recommendation and there is no legal way to acquire the oil in the state, making it virtually useless for the average patient.
  6. Vapeit

    Prayer request for Stoney's mother!

    Thank you folks! Stoney's mom made it through the surgery and did well despite her advanced years. It will be a long recovery period from what the docs says but I have a feeling she will surprise them all. She's a very strong willed woman. Thanks again, the prayers are truly appreciated.
  7. I just received the disturbing news that my dear friend Stoney's mother had a bad fall and has broken her hip in two places. She is in surgery at this moment. She will become a centenarian next month so I would like to ask those who are inclined to do so, to please pray for her recovery.
  8. First report I saw said 20 bucks, now it's 5. If this keeps up they'll be payin' me to smoke the stuff lolol
  9. At least we've got a few congress critters in SC that are trying to do the right thing. http://www.abcnews4.com/story/27376559/sc-lawmakers-hold-hearing-on-medical-marijuana http://www.thestate.com/2014/11/13/3810814_sc-senator-says-he-will-propose.html?rh=1
  10. Vapeit

    I hope you get 20 years in jail

    Now you folks know what we deal with down here.
  11. Vapeit

    Newest additions to the family!

    That's the first thing that caught my attention with Mr. Grayson, those long ear hairs lol He's living up to his name lolol, a little explorer he is for sure We decided on two this time so they would have a playmate. I know the feeling of being thrown away, so we always do rescues, and give them all the love we can. They are going to be best friends, you can already tell by how they are interacting, they're even sharing a bowl of food at the same time with no growls. Needless to say Mischief has proven to be a proud carrier of the name, He has already assaulted the toes. sure, what the hell, that would be one way of toughening them up and they both have good personalities as well. I'm really feeling sorry for Mr.l Grayson right now, he obviously came from a traumatic background. Poor little guy is scared to death of males and even small sounds startle him. I have been able to pet him a little by coming in "low and slow" lol. He'll get there, it will just take time for him to learn that WE won't hurt him.
  12. Vapeit

    Newest additions to the family!

    It is with great pleasure I introduce the newest members of our family, Mischief and Mr. Grayson. Both of these little guys are rescue kitties.
  13. Vapeit

    Type 2 Diabetes

    This is anecdotal at best but I went several years "weed free". During that time I was diagnosed by the VA as a type 2 diabetic. I resumed my use of cannabis, but only in vaped form. I can not say for certain that it is a direct result of my cannabis use, but I can say that the VA has decided that I am no longer a diabetic and has ceased supplying me with diabetic related care (no more meters, strips, etc.). I agree with the others here, it is an excellent post, thanks for the share tricloud.