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  1. dougey douggy bobobo!

  2. Each day I continue to use cannabis the right way, my brain is getting better and better

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    3. Brother Will

      Brother Will

      Geez, I Keep In Agreement With ODB... Uni You Do Seem Better. But We Love Ya Anyway No Matter What...

    4. Brother Will

      Brother Will

      Oh, Almost Forgot. We Really Like When You Come Into Chat And Hang Out... Remember Uni You Are NEVER Alone. Pick Someone You Trust And Let It Out. I Find Getting Things Out Helps Greatly. You Take Excellent Care, BW

  3. Cannabis is the ultimate adaptogen

  4. I don't know what to say

    1. xbrpete


      THen ya did it well Uni!

  5. Back on the juice, mothers!

  6. From moment to moment; I appreciate whatever good life has to offer me. May life shine on you too, if only in moments. Thank you all.

  7. It really is night and day for me

    1. offdababa


      or is it day and night? Ill get all aristotle-ish on ya. lololol

    2. Unistasis
  8. Had a possible good day

  9. Status states stated,

  10. First real toke in many months

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    2. Unistasis
    3. offdababa


      Best wishes goin to ya brother, getcher rest and try to relax,

    4. Unistasis


      thanks OD, my main man

  11. I just wanna take the time and thank our own zzzzzzzz, for helping me move and for bringing me gifts. You have no idea how much you've helped me, brother! I am forever thankful...

  12. Unistasis

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

  13. Unistasis

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

    lol zz, me and odb are such perverts ;) looking through the pics now!
  14. Unistasis

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

    all those buds touching your pensis; beautiful! in any way, great stuff, zz!
  15. Unistasis

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

    I know Eddie! Im just joking around A SALUT!
  16. Unistasis

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

    Shit! Ur puttin in dat work, brother! Im glad to see all of this stuff! Makes me happy How much you think u got in dry weight? Bout hundred kilos? JK Sorry Im in a funny-boy mood tonight, totally weird in the head Anyways, I love your work here, and I have no idea about the weight.
  17. Our love was always the brigde

  18. The future of medicine is manipulation of the endocannabinoid system. I am certain of it.

  19. Blood, sweat and tears. Hell, loneliness and fear.

  20. Just recieved word that my cusin's child has gotten leukemia. Please keep him in your prayers, if you are able. Thank you.