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  1. kanehbosm

    Test Run Of Kaks - Punta Roja

    Whatever happened to this???
  2. I have Misty.. I'm quoted under two names in the article from Project CBD. She's definitely a unique strain and is slowly circulating around the Eugene disabled community. I'd be happy to pass on some cuttings/starts.
  3. kanehbosm

    Sativa verses Indica

    It should be noted that these are phenotypes, not seperate species, and the effects are correlative at best but certainly not exclusive to either.
  4. kanehbosm

    My Girls Waiting On Me To Finish Up Their Home.

    *Their Nice plants.
  5. kanehbosm

    Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Awesome and thanks for the informative reply! I've been considering this with my indoor and have noticed that I should be flowering much smaller plants in much larger pots. Thanks for the link to that thread too! Good luck!
  6. kanehbosm

    Fanatical Organic-al Botanical Methodology

    Two suggestions: Get a large CompostTumbler... it's my favorite gardening tool. Look into possibly hanging your dehumidifier rather than supporting it from the floor to save valuable floor space. Why are you going with such large pots? I may be wrong but I think the max amount of flowering plants is 24 for any grow in OR (You can only grow for 4 people total, right?), so that's 4 per light. Looks like you're running about 40W/square foot, so let's say you do four plants per light, that should give you a bit less than 30" for each pot diameter. So, either you go a little smaller and run a 45 gallon (27" diameter) or larger with a 65 gallon (32" diameter). Why the 400 gallon pots? seems very inefficient for your space... Are you just putting one plant in each of the 400 gals? Also, should you need to refloor this in the future, check into rubber pond liner.
  7. kanehbosm

    Found Mold In One Of My Curing Jars

    For the future, it's a little hard to over-dry bud in this climate. I'm from Montana and if I didn't jar my stuff after a couple of days on the line, it dried WAY too much and became all crunchy and didn't cure properly. IMHO you should let it stay on the line longer than what most people on the interwebs will tell you because this valley is SUPER humid compared to the rest of the US.
  8. kanehbosm

    White Spots Need Help Identifying

    The shot makes it really difficult to understand what's going on... looks like just a few dried water droplets.. not so much like PM
  9. kanehbosm

    A Song A Day.

  10. Welcome to the site. Please make an introduction in the intro forum and the site will let you post in all non-private areas, on your intro I will explain the process of becoming private.