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  1. I have/had Lupus which is an immune disease, allergies, brain fog, eczema, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and hashimotos. Now I feel I do not have fibromyalgia or lupus. I have eliminated gluten from my diet. I have heard of others having the same results. It wasn't until I read the book "Grain Brain" by Dr. Pulmutter when I understood how much gluten is in everything and his long list of gluten foods to avoid that I finally truly tested myself. What you need to know about gluten is that Wheat, Barley, & Rye have been genetically altered so that gluten is now 40% larger and your body sees it as a foreign invader which ramps up your inflammation levels and eventually alters your immune system which brings on autoimmune disorders. So my Lupus developed then fibromyalgia and diabetes because my immune system started attacking my pancreas then my thyroid (hashimotos). Now I do not have Hashimotos and my diabetes is about gone. I am still working on my immune system, trying to repair it with supplements. In his book he says he thinks the other disorders listed in topic title can be caused by gluten intolerance. My aunt died of alzheimers and I found out that she liked to have toast with every meal. I believe that killed her brain. I believe I am smarter now that I am off the gluten. I can think clearer. I have 2 cousins with Rheumatoid arthritis which makes sense to me that gluten intolerance runs in my family. I felt I had to share this with others. I know when I was first told to go on a gluten free diet I told my naturopath she was full of crap. Some of you probably feel that way too. I get it. But if you are suffering, you have to at least give it a try. Don't do like I did and eliminate the cereal, bread, and pasta. You really have to research what foods to avoid like baked beans (who'd a thought) and chocolate milk. They use it as a thickener so look out for puddings and gravy etc! This is why genetically altered foods are not good for about at least 40% of the population. Some doctors are now saying that nobody should be eating this crap! Because it has been genetically altered, it is now a high glycemic food which is tough on brains. They are coming out with what they call ancient grains which are the old farmer grain strains with the lower levels of gluten which your body recognizes and are not high glycemic grains. Even some hemp products have gluten in them but we're lucky in that hemp gluten has not been genetically altered. So i have no problem eating hemp (which we should all be having in our diets because it's so healthy for you because of the fiber, protein, omegas, plus helps cannabis work better etc. ok i'll shut up now….here's to your health!
  2. Ive ben missing you and now Im starting to get worried.:)

  3. mednurse

    Looking for a clinic

    Mamas 5217 SE 28th Ave 233-4202 THCF 105 se 18th Ave 281-5100 Mmcs 4911 NE Sandy Bl 384-9333 Aurora clinic 1847 Burnside St auroraclinic.com all i have for east side
  4. I've noticed a drop of 50 points when I use bho (1/3 gram) but it is inconsistent. I have to get the strains tested for THCV
  5. LIghtweights like myself have overdosed by taking extracts. I have my patients start taking my capsules which I only use the leaves and coconut oil. I advise them to take the capsule before bed. I have them increase to taking capsules every 4-6 hours then take 2 at night. If they like to smoke or vape and use about an oz they can tolerate 1 drop of extract to 3 drops. I have also heard of 3 people including myself who have overdosed using extract ingested and using topical at the same time. I now can tolerate both but only about 5 drops topically! Good luck
  6. mednurse

    ELO 2001 Comeback Tour Live

    Oh yeah I love ELO that Jeff Lynn i think is great! Thanks!
  7. mednurse

    Sunglasses for growers (polarized and UV400)

    I got a pair online for $10 that are polarized and 100%uvb & uva but not the 400, so I am on the hunt for those
  8. Some patients have told me that their eyes are getting worse even though they use sunglasses in their grow rooms. I've started looking into that. I met a guy who let me try on his glasses and I liked them but can't remember what brand they were, but were easy to see out of without being real dark and were 100% UVA&B 400 protection! So I am asking you all I do know that you need more than your regular sunglasses. Most aren't polarized and don't give 100% UVB & UVA protection and I think that is the minimum growers need. But what do I know....I'm just investigating this. Any ideas?
  9. Such a nice invite, such great people, not sure I can make it, have chance to go sail out to sea! Ya all have fun! maybe I'll make it late....
  10. mednurse

    JD, ES & Eddie

    We need more people doing what's right in this world. We need to let your example to shine for the world to see. Humans can do great things. Skunkpharm/specialized solutions ROCK!
  11. mednurse


    SO MANY PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS! NOW I HAVE SEEN ON FACEBOOK PEOPLE SAYING RSO IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO. I'M SORRY FOR THOSE MISINFORMED PEOPLE. BOTH USE CANNABIS THE DIFFERENCE IS THE EXTRACTOR....ALCOHOL , NAPTHA, DENATURED, ISOPROP, EVERCLEAR ETC OR FOOD GRADE BUTANE WE ALL KNOW THAT ALCOHOL IS TOXIC, ESPECIALLY NAPTHA! SO WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE RSO OVER BHO? PRICE, you know how to extract or have a reputable person making it for you, you work at a liquor store and get 50% off! You know how to extract all of the alcohol. CANCER PATIENTS BEWARE, THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE SELLING THE CANCER CURE RSO $1000 BUCKS ON UP You don't know if they used pesticides (yes patients have told me they can tell when their growers use pesticides and they pay physically for that) plus what extractor did they use? Naptha (yes I have heard that some uninformed people are using this for extracting !) How do you know they removed all of the alcohol which could cause blindness, toxicity, nausea and vomitting. How do they extract? Can you watch them? Don't be the desperate person who gets taken by these businessmen!! Have you read the safety sheet on these chemicals? I have and you should too so that you can make an informed decision. Neither is safe if you don't inquire and educate yourself. Both work, but be safe!
  12. mednurse

    best of bee gees

    I luv me some b g's
  13. Thanks for this post. Wonder if New seasons carries it.
  14. Anyone have any of these strains? I have 2 cannatonic and harliquin. I am going to independently test these at 2 labs to make sure!
  15. Seminar on Ehlers-Danlost Syndrome at the Oregon EDS Support Group's mini conference Saturday May 25 10-330 Cascade Ballroom 2nd floor Double tree Hilton 1000 NE Multnomah Portland 97232 Please come scent free. $20 suggested donation, no one turned away RSVP to info@oreds.org