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  1. Soulreaper

    Hash Skunk Outdoor grow 2015 ~

    how much u pull off the outdoor last summer ek?
  2. u gonna love those CDxPP mix from what ive seen they make some killer meds. cant wait to move so i can pop mine lol.
  3. Soulreaper

    Auto Blue Dream

    I don't think I will be doing any topping. I have not done any reading but I figure topping is a high stress training and autos need to be as stress free as possible. My thinking is if I am not suppose to transplant during their life I doubt I should be topping either. What do you think? hi Cat, having ran a couple auto flowers my self this past year i have come to conclusion you can top them, it may stunt them for a couple days but they will bounce back and give you a lil more quantity. they aren't heavy yielders either, think i managed to pull around an ounce dried off each auto i ran this past summer. Hope this helps and good luck with your grow
  4. Soulreaper

    Hash Skunk Winter 2014 ~ Spring 2015

    dayum EK u growin some nice bushs bro. great work
  5. Soulreaper

    Hash Skunk-Growing outdoors 2014 (Video)

    that girl is huge lol. u guys got another month of veg b4 it starts flowerin outside?
  6. Soulreaper

    The Lush LED Lighting challenge

    still a nice outcome. Hows the density on the lush plant?
  7. well just my luck have turned out 4 males all have met the axe and will be ending this run. seems me getting a female is going to be really tough lol
  8. found this article this morning, can only hope something good comes from it The feds could actually soften their stance a little when it comes to weed. The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the medical evidence surrounding the safety and effectiveness of marijuana, a process that could lead to the agency downgrading the drug's current status as a Schedule I drug, the most dangerous classification. rest of article here ---->http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/24/fda-marijuana_n_5526634.html
  9. ok had a little time this morning and grabbed few shots of the 4 babies I running. will start off with the mutant which is stinkiest of them all so far. lol. pic of the stalk where it self topped top shot of it other 3 I am running these un topped by myself this round, going to run outta room if I bush em out lol.
  10. Soulreaper


    wouldn't think a chemical that changes plant color to pink would be good idea. Hope we can get more info about this
  11. ya after talkin to kak this morning I decided to keep it around and hope for a female outta it. can only hope.
  12. ok here we are @ day 14 from mud I think. They got their first feedin @700ppm yesterday. first 2 pics are of the mutant me and kak was talkin bout this morning. It has no top stem, only a new 5 bladed leaf lol. better view of the 5 blade no stem and the 3 normal ones.
  13. Soulreaper

    Thank you WolfWurx.inc, GrayWolf and Todd. :)

    Thanks a lot you guys