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  1. Wishing you a happy birthday and a great summer. :) 



  2. Terpene

    Bulk Apothecary!

    Will be making an order here very soon. I remember running across this site a long time ago but lost my bookmark. Thank you ODB!
  3. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    Way cool! glad to know who im making the package for you will enjoy the task of having to decide which delicious varietal to drip onto your food. Hehe.
  4. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    Yes it does work. We have had multiple beekeepers who had a hundred hives each, right outside two main fields of plants. They eat up the dewy nectar/resin like nobody's business. Most people need to understand the bees eat nectar and honey comes from that nectar. Rather than needing pollen from say a male cannabis plant. Today Papaw and I tasted the nectar in our frames and it is wild anise nectar. Mmmm
  5. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    Yeah it is! Heheh. I love the look on its face. Perfect to meme
  6. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    We've got a full frame of Amber spring honey ready to extract. These gals we have sure do build up quick.
  7. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    Found some hilarious beekeeper memes today
  8. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    Haven't been fortunate to find eucalyptus availalable very often. I do however get alfalfa honey and may source it. Yes honey is partially dehydrated nectar derived from whatever plant source the bees gorged on. Giving you the opportunity to taste terpene , flavonoid profiles and mixtures you wouldn't get a chance to taste in a lifetime. So far I've tasted around 50 distinct varietals.
  9. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    I'm going to start making giant laser prints of my photography. Doobie Duck Papaw49 and Tumbleweed have particularly inspired me to do this. I'm always taking new shots so there will be quite a limited number of particular prints. They will be both signed and numbered to assure its genuine authenticity.
  10. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    I should mention we produce a medicated version of our honeys for qualified medical marijuana patients. A few here can speak to their experiences as far as effectiveness and applications. To email us about beekeeping, to inquire which varietals of honeys are currently available: - Headyhoneys@gmail.com
  11. Terpene

    Heady Honeys

    I own and operate a honey packing/beekeeping business. I personally invite everyone to take a look at our online store front where we provide the best raw monofloral and polyfloral varietals available across California. Our eclectic varietals include Butte Yellow Star Thistle, Santa Cruz Blackberry, Santa Cruz Blueberry, Santa Cruz Raspberry, endangered Santa Cruz Grindelia AKA Tarweed, Santa Cruz Black Button Sage, Santa Cruz Grape Blossom (Merlot), Santa Cruz Tulip Poplar, Santa Cruz Tanbark, Santa Cruz Meadowfoam, Santa Cruz Wildflower, Sebastapol Mint, Santa Cruz Buckwheat, Santa Cruz Dark Buckwheat, Butte Sweet Clover, Butte Clementine blossom (Orange blossom). I also invite you to follow our other platforms. We constantly post high quality photographs of bees, flowers, and our honey. Order from our storefront - HeadyHoneys.etsy.com Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Instagram - @HeadyHoneys HeadyHoneys https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeadyHoneys?ref=hdr_shop_menu