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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday.


  3. This is my go to site when I need to learn about a certain strain and it's effects. It's also a good site to browse some strains you may never heard of. There is a collective and dispensary locator, and a news and culture section. Overall a very useful site for us nerdy pot heads who like to know everything about their weed. WWW.Leafly.com Hope you guys enjoy.
  4. Happy New year. Were wishing you the best life has to offer. :)

  5. Magweedo

    Songs that I personally enjoy. Volume 2.

    This was his last show before he died. RIP EYEDEA. <3
  6. This is all freestyle, even the instruments. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSnwKLwXZHs&feature=share&list=PL9the1Q6uUK91V41JvC9wmvsYOQLvnLOd&index=10
  7. Magweedo

    YOUR VOTES NEEDED PLEASE~ommp photo of the month

    How about some artistic stuff I took with my phone? If you look closely you can see the reflection of the weed in the lighter.
  8. This is what I've been trying to do here in Portland.. All my friends had baby's and have no social lives now. How long is the walk to Salem?
  9. Magweedo

    Looking for a guitar capo

    Don't have much to barter with, but we can maybe work something out? Let me know. Not in any hurry.
  10. Magweedo

    Thankyou MagWeedo. Man Im so happy!

    Feel free to pm me the details, computers are my thing. And everyone else, it was really no problem. Just had to convince stubborn EK to let me help.
  11. Magweedo

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    I've seen some plants grown with LED, and it seems like the plant doesn't get everything it needs from the LED's alone. This was apparently grown with LED, But that could also be some strange albino genetics.