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  1. Papaw49's grow

    i am in a 4 x 6 space and using 600w bulbs. Tried 1000 but it was a bit much for the space.
  2. Papaw49's grow

    Well harvest is done and was able to get 1 1/2 lbs yeild and some nice Gallon Jars to cure in.
  3. Papaw49's grow

    Well 2 weeks to go and the girls are doing well
  4. Papaw49's grow

    Well where did that year go !! Here we are a year later and this is the current grow
  5. Microscope shots

    Cleaning up the closet for the next grow and found some buds on the floor. Will make some nice oil.
  6. Microscope shots

    ANother Day another strain. This time is a test strain called Thunder Struck
  7. Microscope shots

    Well Dr. Who just dropped in.
  8. Microscope shots

    I like to check my Cannabis under the scope when i get the chance. So when a friend stopped by with something new i had to take a few shots. This is Blue Dream Will add more as new stuff comes by.
  9. Hopefully this is the first of many cases to come. We the people are taking a stand.
  10. Family Feud (PIF Style) $10

  11. Photo contest FEBUARY 2015

    Well Tumbleweed stopped by with some nice bubble hash 90 micron
  12. Photo contest FEBUARY 2015

    OK here is another to consider i had a plant come up with twin colas Strain is called Tiger Lily
  13. Photo contest FEBUARY 2015

    OK here is a Microscope shot from my grow.