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    Recycled art, organic cannabis cultivation, organic gardening, sustainable living, bicycling, snowboarding, music.

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  1. Happy Forth Of July.

  2. WavvesWavves

    Test Run For Kak1963 Buush -- Bbg X Plushberry

    Super tasty genetics there. I'll be following this grow report to the end. Please let us know how this works out! Wonder how many phenos you'll get.
  3. Been thinking about you, hope all is well.


  4. Happy Valentines Day ♥

  5. Thanks for all your impute

  6. Just made more earwax with the God Bud BHO. Tastes like pink lemonade.

  7. WavvesWavves

    DIY Co2 Controller

    VERY clean design. I'm impressed!
  8. Your a pretty smart guy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  9. WavvesWavves

    Earwax, Budder

    Glad I used BHO for my first experiment then. I know you guys say it's not as pure and that it locks in the butane impurities, but whipping seems to really bring out the turpenes in honey and it definitely makes an easier to handle product. I've also heard rumors that claim heating and whipping BHO can convert some of the CBD and CBN into THC making it more psychoactive.
  10. WavvesWavves

    Earwax, Budder

    I'm new to most of the extract stuff, and I guess it just scares me to to experiment as I've had a few "learning experiences". So far I haven't lost TOO much usable material, but it's always hard to accept... I'd like to try some of the purer extractions, but my budget is usually what holds me back.
  11. WavvesWavves

    Earwax, Budder

    I just experimented with my Lavender BHO extraction I had performed earlier today, I gleaned a few techniques from IC mag and pieced it together for myself. In my procedure, I used a small glass gram sized vial that I had kept the BHO in and made a whipping tool with a paperclip and a Dremel. I used a hotplate so as to keep heat low and controlled. I set the vial on the hotplate until bubbling and used the low Dremel speed (7500 rpm) to whip the oil in the vial for a few minutes. Then I put the vial in the freezer to let the oil harden and repeated my procedure about 3-4 times. WORKED!! I love my Earwax. Next, I'll attempt to prepare some Holy Sh*t. I'll need more flowers for more oil. Guess I'll grow more, LOL.
  12. WavvesWavves

    HAO topical

    ES, where do you find your essential oils locally? I'll need to stock up on Cinnamon, Myrrh, etc. oils soon as I can't wait to make my own Holy Sh*t. Just recently purchased a Pyrex oil extractor and have been experimenting.
  13. WavvesWavves

    Earwax, Budder

    Thanks Cheri, you're so kind.