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  1. jblaze

    Slow Seedling Growth

    Very nice and if I found a seed in gg4 best believe I'd run them! Yeah noone likes to admit they hermied a plant lol just keep a good eye her! Problems happen and they make us better growers. Thats one way to look at sick plants. I use to torture my poor girls when I first started. Im looking forward to this journal ill be around keep up the good work. Stay medicated ✌
  2. jblaze

    Garden of Blazen

    The only info i have on the ninja turtle. These are testers that im doing for strayfox genetics. Sounds good we shall see. Im excited for the afghooey x tresdawg(purple pheno) The ninjaturtle x gronola funk will be exciting as well since I just got Bodhis' Gronola funk! Stray has the b cut of gronola funk so should be interesting seeing what the ninja turtle side does
  3. jblaze

    Slow Seedling Growth

    Sorry i read back and seen your gg4 were bagseed. Unless these were purposely created keep a close eye Gorilla Glue 4 was created by a hermied plant. Now I cant remember exactly who accidentally breed this elite clone. But they said that they have worked the line for over 4 years and have not a had a single herm plant! BUT with it originating from a herm means that there is a possibility of herm traits will surface! So just keep a close eye on them in flower since they had such a hard up bringing lol Stay blessed JB
  4. jblaze

    Slow Seedling Growth

    Your plants are very sick Cat but your on the right track now that your PH is correct. I personally always use ph of 6.5 maybe a point under or over. With how sick they are/were it will take awhile for them to bounce back. My suggestion on water would be let them dry out almost completely then pick the pots up feel how light/heavy they are. Then add water with cal mag and ph 6.5 or close. With your roots not growing would be a sign of to much water. Dont soak them add a little at a time and when they stop soaking it up fast stop watering. Also with allowing them to get somewhat dry your forcing your roots to stretch out and look for water which in return gives you good roots. Just dont let them wilt. When i water my plants are almost to the point of wilting i can tell what they want when they want it lol.. I would also if you can grab some sort of microbes such as great white shark, orca, tarantula etc. Do you have any nutrients? If so wait untill you think they are out of their (stump) When you do start feeding nutes make sure you mix at 1/4 strength and watch closely. All in all make sure ph is in soil range and that if your using RO to add calmag. And DO NOT over water! Hope the best! Ill keep watching your on the rebound! Stay Blessed
  5. Amazing as always TW! You never disappoint
  6. jblaze

    Garden of Blazen

    The bottom larger ones are Jaws Chem Soda OG Behind them are the Cherry Posh OG
  7. jblaze

    Garden of Blazen

    These are flubber from LaPlata Labs. Getting ready to flip here soon!
  8. jblaze

    Garden of Blazen

    Well hello long lost friends! Ive got some LaPlata Labs Flubber bout 2 weeks from flower! Also have a bunch of seedlings started 6 Jaws gear Chem Soda OG 6 Lifes Blood Seeds(LBS) Dead Prez OG 6 LBS Cherry Posh OG 6 Strayfox Gentics(SFG) Ninja Turtle x Gronola Funk (bohdi cut) 6 SFG Afgooey X Tresdawg purple The Strayfox are testers! All are reg seeds no fems! Still using Lush Led and 1600w HPS. Also Heavy 16 nute line. Roots formula 707. Will upload pics here shortly! Glad to be back love ya all!
  9. jblaze

    The Garden of Blazen v. 2.0

    Wow i havent done anything since august! Ive got an itch that is about to be scratched! So the new year its on im going to start the wifi and flubber had to buy some new beans which are the flubber from la plata labs 7 of em! Been so busy been traveling alot for work so havent been able to tend to the gardens. So i bid on a new job and got it home daily no travel
  10. jblaze

    Chrome Diesel + Pineapple Princess

    I've still got kaks chrome diesel haven't popped them and haven't seen kak around in over a year for info. What happened to kak anyone know? Or where is he hanging out these days if anywhere
  11. jblaze

    The Garden of Blazen v. 2.0

    Excuse me they came today in the mail so goji og from bodhi and white fire aka WiFi from OGR is the real show coming up. I'm going to do separate journals on the Two hope yall enjoy
  12. jblaze

    The Garden of Blazen v. 2.0

    And today the white fire from OGRASKAL ordered them from the single seed centre first time I've ordered from them was skeptical being nothing comes in breeders pack but they cut off a peice of the original pack amd stick it in the bag. With all the research I've done on wifi it's impossible to not find a handful of keepers from a pack of OGR wifi
  13. jblaze

    The Garden of Blazen v. 2.0

    well after a few months off social media im back so same room same lights. still growing the purple killing fields, got some new blackwater clones from a friend going to give those a go. I also decided to after 3 or 4 years ill finally pop the cali connections famed mixed pack from the attitude seeds bday promo those are the bigger seedlings in the pic. Now my pride is finally get ahold of these two genetics Bodhi goji og and OGRaskals white fire og aka Wifi these two new genetics are going to be my new breeding projects going to f2 the goji ogs and self the wifi then going to play around with the f2s andfind new keepers or same and cross the two