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  1. What a beautiful summer were having in PDX this year.

  2. Cphil420

    Multnomah Falls

    I do love those pics. Blessed to live in such beautiful country!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Cphil420

    Here's hopin...

    Finally began the process of getting on SSI/SSD today. I tried once on my own like in 2004 and was denied so I just gave up. However, after talking to numerous people I have decided to try again but with help from some good people this time. Here's hoping...
  7. Cphil420

    Here's hopin...

    I hope your right. However, my appointment wasn't with a medical Dr like your thinking. It was with a Psychiatrist.
  8. Cphil420

    Here's hopin...

    So, I had to go see a dr psychatrist set up by the Social Security Administration on monday. Met with her for an hour and a half. It felt like a counselor appointment to be honest with you. Hope it went in my favor although it probably didn't considering she is kinda working for them and is going to find every reason possible to deny me my benfits. However, I have to stay optimistic. No matter how hard it is sometimes. They call it a Psychdiagnostic appointment. They(Social Security)say that the appointment was scheduled because more medical information is needed to evaluate my claim for Social Security benefits. The appointment is for evaluation purposes(whatever that means)only and no treatment will occur. I don't know how in ONE appointment for an HOUR and a HALF someone could actually make a decision on what I've been suffering with for 8 years. When I left the appointment I felt good about it and then the more I keep looking back at this appointment and breaking down every little thing that I said and things I feel that are really important that I forgot(just spaced it cause we were talking about other things) to say. Me doing this is freaking me out and making me panic and anxious more cause I think I blew my shot at convincing her just how bad I really am mentally. I know that I just need to let it go and whats done is done and there is nothing I can do about what happened on monday when I met with her but it's really hard for me to do that. Im just so worried and anxious over what her report his going to say. I just feel like I blew my chances on Monday in an Hour and a half. But hey, were our worse critics. Right?
  9. Cphil420

    Here's hopin...

    I have some GOOD NEWS to share. So, I finally got all my paperwork in to the Social Security Administration like the first week of February for SSI and SSD and I have already started getting paid for SSI (not SSD) before a final decision has been made down in Salem. I received my FIRST SSI payment at the beginning of the month. It had back pay for February along with the standard SSI payment for March too. You see, most people have to wait literally months for a final decision to be reached for SSI and/or SSD. However, I have a 'disability' that is on a very short list of four diseases/disabilaties that they can start paying presumptive SSI benefits on. All they needed was a paper signed by my primary care Dr that I indeeed have one of the disabilites/diseases that qualify for presumptive benefits and so they started paying me while they are still making a final decision down in Salem. The presumptive SSI benefits will be paid every month until June while they are in the process of deciding my claim. I'm so happy and this is a huge blessing for me! Let's hope all goes well with the final decision in Salem in regards to not only approving me for SSI but also hopefully SSD.
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    Thank you Eddie Kirk

  11. Just want to say you ROCK!! I'm so happy to have been able to meet such a wonderful person.

  12. Im so sick of all the politics on TV and It's not even 2012 yet!



      yep I hear ya. must be something big in the works

  13. Cphil420

    Thank you Vets of Pif

    Yes! A huge SHOUT OUT to all our vets and those still in active military duty! THANK YOU for keeping us safe and FREE!! -Curtis

  15. Happy birthday!!

  16. happy birthday

  17. Cphil420

    snow hash

    Way to go! That is some GREAT information + innovative on your part. -C
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    I have some sad news

    I never knew him but my thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  19. Cphil420

    Grinning Reaper

    Very innovative!! KUDOS! -C
  20. Cphil420

    Dry Sieving Summary:

    THANKS GW!! Great information!! -C
  21. Cphil420

    How to make Keif Hash

    Great info and i've learned so much. I already knew what kif was but had no idea about its use in 'hash'. I prefer fluffy, too.
  22. Cphil420

    Good Hash Reference

    Thanks for posting Strider. Great info! -C
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    Tree of Life

    yeah, thanks!