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  2. anothertime


    wasnt sure where this belongs but it may help a new or advanced user pick his next nutrient source!!!! seems ive had this link for awhile and thought it maybe information growers could use. https://www.vutra.org/threads/itense-study-of-nutrients-and-additives-for-cannabis.9355/
  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. :) My whole family came down with the flu, one person at a time. I was the last to get it, So. Happy Birthda! I hope yours went great. :)

  4. so much contradictory information reported in different studies i find this article totally different than the report that states m.j. helps in treating Alzheimer's,and i do believe it to be a problem with memory.(reports are 15 days apart no wonder us ole farts cant keep up!!!) hahahaah http://www.alzheimers.net/6-15-15-effects-of-medical-marijuana-on-alzheimers/ like everything else in life this sacred plant is now on the top or near the top of the best return for investment dollar of any and all new businesses and once profit is a key reports and studies are bought and sold. from my experience in life i think if you enjoy what mmj now does for you quit reading all the flapping lips and sit back and smoke one and wait for this to play out!!!
  5. anothertime


    trich pics using a veho 400x
  6. anothertime

    Why is my worm tea slimy? ~

    same to you eddie and yours!! i do drop in occasionally but its been awhile since i last posted.good to see ya all.
  7. anothertime

    Bud worms

  8. anothertime

    Bud worms

    not sure if canola is a crop grown in your area but those white moths (cabbage moth)are everywhere in canola fields here on the prairies they appear mid june and seem to hang around till late august.they are annual visitors to my veg garden.i find they really dont like tea so during those months i feed with tea and also spray the plant vegetation with tea a few times.unsure if this remedy is of help on mj buds i guess it depends when your plants mature.the water in the tea may cause mold problems if used very late in flower!!
  9. anothertime

    Why is my worm tea slimy? ~

    i certainly see nothing wrong with your tea as was mentioned as long as it doesnt smell like sewer water it is ok.i find that i get that slimmy look if kelp is part of my tea never have had a bad batch so far!! temps down do keep foaming in check but a bad tea im told can still be produced.the smell test is always the determining factor with tea imo!!
  10. anothertime

    PH meter's, which one? ~

    i use only a two point calibration eddie the 4-7 as most things we use fall in that range i do know that a 3 point calibration is to be the best but ive done both ways and found the most you are ever out is .1 and most the time identical so i dont worry!!
  11. anothertime

    PH meter's, which one? ~

    i have both one of these http://www.amazon.com/HM-Digital-TDS-EZ-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B002C0A7ZY/ref=pd_bxgy_469_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1R9Z2A23VC8KMR6QM2B8 andone of these http://www.amazon.com/Milwaukee-Instruments-SM801-Portable-Meters/dp/B000EBH3GE/ref=sr_1_sc_2?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1460477497&sr=1-2-spell&keywords=milwaukee+ph+yds+testers when they have been calibrated at the same time they read identical.i find though the cheaper pen needs calibration every couple weeks where the milwaukee seems to stay calbrated a bit longer like a month or two.ive gotten in the habit of calibrating every two weeks anyway!!
  12. anothertime

    stitch guide to sick plants

    again i apologize for linking to another mj site but this info may help someone sort there issues!!! and as far as ive seen its the best guide available.thank you MR STITCH!!
  13. anothertime

    stitch guide to sick plants

    this is my go to guide for pests and disease thxs to mynamestitch https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 hope it helps someone with a problem!!
  14. my two favs(ive tried a few) the last few years for rheumatoid arthritis has been northern lights #5 crossed to any other plant or herijuana boh give me relief.i use the northern lights #5 cross during the day and a vape full of herijuana from med users.ca bout a hour before bedtime seems to give me a pain free sleep!! i do think whats best for each individual can vary as daytime treatment and your activity involvement during the day indicates which strain is best for your personnel needs.hope this helps!! p.s. i dont think med users ship outta canada but if you are interested drop me a e-mail and im sure i have a few spare seeds here!!