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  1. HenryFord

    Dam Affy By Kak

    Pete those are some real nice lookin plants bro! Yield looks like they are up there in the range. How's the smoke on the dam affy? I personally know how good the c3po is,seriously its got to be in my top five favs !! Great grow Pete! Later. HF
  2. HenryFord

    Dam Affy By Kak

    Lookin frosty there Pete! That c3po looks like its just glistening back there. I loved every bit of the samples I have had of her,that is some superb smoke!! HF
  3. HenryFord

    Dam Affy By Kak

    Lookin good Pete. Another great journal in progress! HF
  4. Lookin sweet Pete!! HF
  5. HenryFord

    Dam Affy By Kak

    You got life jackets on those babies?? Don't make me call social services ....hahaa,here we go with the poster child of grow journals! Show us how the pros do it bro... For those who don't know it ,Pete here is a pro at the journals,when I first started doing journals,I used Pete's as a model. I unfortunately do not have enuff time to detail my journals as much as he.Wish I did but I don't. Letter rip Pedro!! HF
  6. Hey Pete,here is a pic of kaks cut #3Buush mi first of many to come of kak's crosses!! Chopped down last night @ 6 1/2 weeks. No purple trich sightings yet but I haven't had time to take better pix other than a few phone shots. I shoulda flipped pic but didn't think of it til now,she's in dry mode. HF
  7. HenryFord

    How To Breed A True Strain

    HERE HERE!! I'll fire one of my last dubes of the "big boy" lazy pants weed to that one PPS!!hehehe HF
  8. Thanks for the add LoveplantsMCO!!Cya in there!!


  9. HenryFord

    Diy Neoprene Netpot Top Alternative

    Thanks ODB,glad to share my friend. I see tons of cheaper alternatives everytime I walk in the home depot,which sometimes,aka usually,the ADD kicks in and I find myself staring at pvc,hoses and fasteners for an extra hour. Take it easy HF
  10. HenryFord

    Diy Neoprene Netpot Top Alternative

    PPS,I find little bits of neoprene clogging my sprayers in my cloner from the ez-cloner replacements. These don't seem like they are gonna break down. Good idea on the window shade....sativa minds wanna know lol! Take it easy bro,glad ya dropped in. HF
  11. HenryFord

    Diy Neoprene Netpot Top Alternative

    Hey all, I have been having issues with the neoprene pucks that are pre cut ,then purchase net pots of different sizes or vice verse . Also I have made many home made cloners ,veg units and the such and have had to find specific size hole saw bits that don't end up fitting in my 3/8 drill. Grrr. I needed 3" foam/ neoprene pucks for the net pots that I want to flower in in my dwc set up. I found these at home depot or lowes,both carry it. $15.00 for 4 2'x2' sheets about a half inch thick. The replacements ez-cloner 2" replacements cost about $15-17 around these parts. I believe there is 35 in the pack of ez-cloners. I can get a ton more out of these than that. I have been washing them up with a hint of bleach & hot water. No issues as of yet ,I have been using them for a few weeks now so we shall see... Here is a few pix with some of Kak1963's crosses modeling the proto types. Hope this helps out some of you hydro guys ,save a few dollars and be able to customize each one. I have drilled a hole in one before I cut to the center. It drilled smooth. The other store bought replacements I have dealt with were next to impossible to enlarge the center hole. The scissors I am using helped a lot,they are big & they are sharp. Tin snips,will work also & house hold scissors will work too as long as they are sharp. HF
  12. Nice Pete,right where you left off. I got kaks Buush#3 cut jammin in flower&veg .....hells bells they are even in the cloner! Hahahaa! Good grow to you bro!! HF
  13. HenryFord

    Building a Cheapo-Aero cloning tub

    Strider,nice set up! You mentioned a timer,what kind of on off schedule do you put them on? HF
  14. HenryFord

    DIY Veg Cabinet

    Possibilities are endless with this one!! Nice job. HF
  15. HenryFord

    DIY Co2 Controller

    Looks good Grow Geek ! Do u still use this ? And about how much do you have into this? HF