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  1. my hypothesis:


    when you apply these liquids to the surface of the plant leaves, the tiny water droplets act as magnifying glasses, intensifying the light that passes through the droplet on to the leaf.  hence the burn

    not hypothesis, fact. :D 

  2. I have the cure all for employment. Work for yourself. 


    Let me be very honest and upfront...especially since I know no other way to go about my business:)


    There is no magic button, there is no guaranteed way to get rich quick, and I do not promote scams or anything shady that I would have an issue putting my name along side of it.


    There is some cost associated with you starting your own business just like the real world. Depending on your situation and experience I can try to minimize that for you but it is unavoidable.


    I'm looking for some qualified, motivated team members to build one of my businesses. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of home business opportunities.


    If you are comfortable with a computer, or just socializing on social media, not afraid to talk to people, like to have fun, but know when to get serious, I probably can find a spot for you.


    Just throwing it out there for anyone interested. 


    Have a good one!


    Peace :)

    good words and opportunity. 

  3. A simple plant, Ive known since my youth. Open and understanding to it's truth.  Those who oppose her earn no mention here, they are simply sheep living in fear. No words will ever tell how she enhances our lives, make life something more than to simply survive.  I could go on but you get the point, I think it is time to roll a fat joint! :P 

  4. I need to find a good net provider I live in the sticks so no one has good net it's expensive and offer low quality net :/

    all satellite service is about the same, sucks, as I think you already know.  I learned about "line of sight" internet.  They put their device on cell phone towers and tune your "dish" to that not outer space  Several companies in my area offer to this to many surprisingly remote locations. (I am not one of them, of course :(  )   If your on high ground it will help....distance is not a big factor they told me, but "line of site" to the tower is....... hope this helps man, i sooo feel your pain.