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  1. Great post Pete, thanks! Interesting compilation of information on these products, real eye opener, :th_mad-eyes:




    While in chat a bunch of great links where thrown about advocating this natural form of supplying nutrients to plants, and I thought many were worth sharing, here are a few.


    Monsanto GMO giant blamed for killing bees http://www.care2.com...to-buys-it.html

    GMOs bad for mammals? http://www.biolsci.org/v05p0706.htm

    Roundup morphs vertebrates? http://www.news.pitt...esticides_MOrph

    N fixation http://biblio.teluq....&language=fr-CA



  2. am interested in seeing if i can decrease my pot size while maintaining my one pound four foot girls. bought some VAM and will be adding it to my regime. will keep you all updated.


    I am interested in whatever your doing. :D Might ye have a post lying around somewhere describing your methods? I got 4' of plant space under the shades and would love to see this. Thanks~ christmas%20pot%2016.gif

  3. I immediately thought "caterpillar" from experiences in my outdoor garden. I looked around at pics, and other possibilities, like the leaf miners you mentioned. I am sticking with caterpillar for my guess. lol. Good news is this, nearly every creature it looks likely it COULD be are all eradicated in the same manner. Find and Kill! and/or a spray of pyrethrum, roteone, neem, garlic, hot peppers in that order all seem popular. Good luck, and kick him once for me! :th_4v0duw_thjpg:


  4. Very nice. The pictures and descriptions in this book closely resemble what you'd actually experience in your garden. It could just be me, but when I look at most deficiency charts the plants do not look similar to anything I've experienced and mediocre explanations compound the mystery. Not here though, Vibin with this one, thanks.

  5. Here is how I made a successful bubble cloner with minimal time, money and effort. This could be made to any size to fit your needs. I chose to make a 35 site model out of a "rubbermaid-like" container measuring appx,18" X 24" X 6" deep. (this size I could only find clear totes and chose to paint the outside with flat black rubberized paint, although I'm not convinced this is necessary)


    Once you know how many clones your going to want and how much space you want to give each one you should be able to pick out the right size container. Around 6" deep is good. I gave each site more room than any commercial cloner and found it to work better for me.


    Pick up as many small plastic net pots and foam inserts as you want cloning sites. Then cut the basket out of the bottom of the net pot. Use a hole saw just smaller than the diameter of the lip of the net pot to make holes in your lid for the cloning sites. These cut net pots will sit in these holes with the foam plant holder inside them. (I used 2" net pots, foam holders, and a 1-3/4" hole saw)


    We need air stones and a pump. For this design I would use 4 or 5 of the air stones pictured or similar. Glue them to the bottom of the container, or use the little suction cups that hold to your airlines if you still experimenting. I found the 4-6" air stones work best. The goal is to space them out to where the top of the water is evenly misting up fine water drops everywhere.


    Try to keep stems misted and above the water level, start about 1/2 or so. You don't want them completely wet or soaked, and never under water. Misted is the key here.


    Here is a link to every part if you wish to copy this.

    The hole saw http://www.menards.c...745-c-10085.htm


    The container http://www.walmart.c...t-of-6/15539793


    The air pump http://www.4hydropon...temNo=cgairpump


    The net pots http://www.4hydropon...ItemNo=netcupAA


    The foam inserts to hold plant. http://www.4hydropon...ItemNo=neoprene


    The air stones http://www.4hydropon...o=blueAirstones


    *I had a "EZ-Cloner" that had the pump in the water reservoir, in the summer it was impossible to cool this thing I found. I was much happier with this bubble cloner. However you make your own don't make the mistake of designing the pump in the reservoir, IMO. The pressurized spraying of the ez cloner is a bit better than a bubbler like this I think, but if I had to have clones for hydro (I use Rapid rooters currently) I would use PVC, cheap sprayers, and external pump instead of the air pump and air stones, but were splitting hairs at this point, this works. Heres some pics to help out. I used this for a long time, any questions public or private are encouraged.





  6. I reuse my soil and find reapplication isnt necessary. Once colonized these little beasties take over. I can tell due to the expansive, fine network of roots opposed to a few bigger ones. I am a believer and will continue to use it.. Im using the granular now, but never heard of the liquid till recently, If I ever possibly need more I will order some liquid. But oh yeah, it helps, no dispute.