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  1. People swear both ways, but im inclined to agree with the above.  When in doubt try to replicate nature I say :D  I've heard it said the plant may develop more plant material but may lack in roots or other ways when ran 24 hours in veg.  Personally, I think they like the rest.

  2. They make the tumblers that you can put your wheel barrow or pots under and dump and directly into.  This also makes it a nice height for loading and tumbling.  If you wanna show off your red neck side you could always get a plastic 55 gallon drum with removable lid..... your bringing the outdoors, inside and thats something I try not to do....other than that I like the idea!

  3. For the $, I cant recommend FF, their nutes are IMHO crap and their soil isnt far behind. I know folks who buy it religiously, but as EK said roots organic or you should have a better local choice IMHE.  Lotsa money to be  wasted....... Just my 2 cents

  4. Problem with air pots seems to be transplanting and if your that worried about air, you can always add drilled out PVC piping to your pots with a pourous base... Forgot who started that now, but always wanted to try it.   I like plastic pots till they reach their final container then a cloth one is kinda nice, but I dont think lazy butts like me will ever see a diferrence anyhow :LOL:

  5. Moo, This is my method.  Wait till the soil is dry as possible. This makes it light, and also the soil and root mass stay together a lot better, reducing stress :D Take your new/larger pot and place MOIST soil in the bottom until you can take the potted plant and place it in the new pot so the top of the soil in the old pot is a inch or slightly more below the rim of the new pot.  Sizing it up, so you just have to drop the plant in and place more moist soil in to fill up the sides and water everything in when your done, leaving the top soil alone and uncovered, especially with living soil.  Plant is out of its enviornment for 5 seconds!  Getting the plant out of the old pot I roll it in my hands similar to warming my hands.   The next watering if you wanted to use a strong alfalfa tea or TCN foliar feed, it would be good time.  You should experince no perceptable transplant shock. If that dont make no freakin sense PM or call me. LOL.

  6. Wow man, im sorry for that........Glad to see you recovering some.  For the record 300 MG of THC will send most people for a wildly unwanted journey of mind and spirit IMHE.  He was a trooper for sure! Sorry for your loss man, I lost my ol man 2 years ago, but glad to see you back on the horse doing what moo does  :D

  7. I am going to forage for different plants to make fermented plant extracts and teas.  I read a thread somewhere about taking dandelions, nettles, etc and putting them in water for a few weeks then watering with this water.  (over simplification but you get the idea :D


    We also have a morel patch that we frequent each year. .

    Love the tea Moo! Great idea! Good for plants and people! You can share a drink with your ladies even!  Lets see them shrooms man, I had my nose to the ground walkking the dog lately but like you still to early.   Gona try dryin em this year instead of giving most away! :D

  8. Foraging oppurtunites abound almost everywhere outdoors!   Berries and nuts, mushrooms, ginseng, herbs, leeks, sap, and many other things await!


    **Use caution and KNOW what your consuming/handling beforehand.  Also be aware of any laws that may be pertinent to your foraging!**


    Why not look for meteorites, artifacts, animals, or whatever else while you are out?   Whatever you find or are interested in finding, post it up here!  You will at least find some exercise, fresh air and peace of mind :D 



    Now I shall get back to work until I hear the first Morel pop :D



  9. You cant really have a soil discussion here without a couple mandatory links :D







    I love looking at university papers or from those 30 years at it, Cornell University, University of Idaho, Michigan, and many more freely give their findings it took millions to find.  :D  Lots of great advice above, just throwin in my 2 cents