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  1. I dunno, store 50 pound bags of stuff from the farm store off the concrete?!  :LOL:   Hmmm something more useful... I would shake the snot out of em regularly if your using evil chemical nutes, once those salt balls build up, it seems nearly impossible to get them diluted into the solution again. Like rocks in the container. 

  2. Hey, ya'll! Back from New York/Canada! It was amazing!


    Offdababa, those cool plants are taking a little longer than I thought they would. The orchids were having trouble. We had to buy special nutrients. Most didn't pop :( The broccoli is getting big but it hasn't flowered yet. I'll let you know when I get something unique. We did bring some cool things back from Denver. We have a pineapple growing. Some cool cacti now. Nothing too fancy yet though. You're always welcome to come by!

    Glad to see ya'll made it back in one piece and had a good time! I had a friend that grew lots of orchids, don't remember much other than the light and fan had to be just right, and regular mistings.  Seemed like a big PITA to me.  :P  Whatcha gonna do with a orchid anyhow?!  :D  It's always a pleasure coming into the store, and seeing your new green adventures!  

  3. Glad to see someone else to appreciate it man! :D  Less than a pound of cocnut oil was over $10 at the local stores....bought 7 pounds (Organic) For $15.   The hemp seed oil is fantastic, but is very low temp.  (adds a great flavor though and the dog LOVES IT!)   Its like a mild flax seed oil to all my senses.  Cocnut oil at that price, I had to fry up some eggplant in rice flour, fish, portabella caps, aspargus, and other usual fare...been using it for a week in nearly everything and it always added something favorable that other oils did not to my senses and withstands high heat beautifully! I will always have a tub of coconut oil in my kitchen! The garlic oil is so dang strong! I LOVE garlic, eat cloves of it but....I see why they sell small droppers! The sunflower oil was better than you find at the grocer and much cheaper.   I have no clue who runs the place and Im aint got a horse in the race, but whoever thought of this place, certainly had had a good plan and a high IQ.

  4. Sounds great moo, in my mind 1000 watt HPS/MH are all you need for anything except clones, then a couple t-8 four footers from lowes with cheap bulbs work great!  I personally wouldnt consider anything else until the LED lights reach a better long term price point.

  5. I like the dome for a few days, one good way to tell how they will act in your set up is to take the dome off and watch em, if they start to wilt, throw it back on, if they stand proud on their own, leave it off.  IME clones do better without a dome if they dont require it, as Tumble said the first few days while they are using their own energy and getting acclimated, they like misty domed humidity, after that I like to take it off, you could mist em too with the dome off but who wants to be in their room more than twice a week?! LOL

  6. Good friends recommended this site, http://www.bulkapothecary.com/ sell natural plant oils and material (non cannabis related)  I procured sunflower oil, coconut oil, garlic oil, and even a gallon of hemp seed oil for a much lower rate than other places I have looked. They have about every extract or oil or beneficial plant you can think of.  The package arrived in 2 days, I actually tripped over it :P  with standard shipping. The packaging and the product were absolute top notch.  I couldn't recommend the place more, great stuff!