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  1. I can only assume this a joke, but i love a consipacy theory because god knows the folks in charge of this planet aint tellin nothin.  Bigfoot is one i dismissed, but aliens and ancient knowledge fascinates every cell in my mind :D

  2. Im a lazy ass grower that knows a fraction of whom I was taught by.  (disclaimer).  I continually had to add more perlite but you if you can keep and improve the soil each run, I have no doubt it gets better.  Organic teas and watching the plants, forgetting about any feed schedule or other non sense really helped a lot. I like TLO soil...there is no way all the stuff in there breaks down in 3 months, even after a good "cooking"... its not for everyone, but if you have security, health or finanacial limitations it may be just the thing....

  3. okay well you have fun.  This will be last bit here... Any commercial soil IMHO is far too thick and needs chunky perlite for optimum results.  Whether it be roots organic, fox farm, promix, sunshine mix #4, or home made soil from compost and organic matter from the farm store. ....I have had no experience with "cactus mix".  I think some folks would be better off with a caregiver.....

  4. Commercialization of our favorite plant has been its worse enemy IMHO.  Everything is 50/50 or 60/40 this or that.   Its like the guys that lift their big diesel trucks.  You can not out smart mother nature and you probably cant out smart a corporation with 100+ years of experence.  You might look cool and fit in but......Give me a straight up sativa from the equater please!

  5. if your using city tap water or have a unique situation, perhaps PH will play a roll.  Assuming the enviornment is correct, I think you need to add plenty of chunky perlite to your soil and only water when the pots are light. I usually grab up a pot  or tip it to determine if it wants water.  I suspect you are following a nutrient schedule with soil too dense to expel the nutrients, even with proper watering. Its a weed. Forget all this complicated stuff and just look at the plant.  I