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  1. Watched a blue herring gulp down a shad today for ten minutes.   All of us just sat and watched nature in action and said nothing....Had a turkey vaulture in my yard, then on my roof as I tried to ward him off. lLLegal to dispose of em, the next morning i reliazed i had a dead cat in my yard... love mother nature....

  2. I had some neighbors, basically we agreed on NOTHING.....Religion, politics, history, future, all of it. They are some of the best people I ever met in my life and we never had a cross word. Hours of discussions, laughs, lil BBQ now and then.....Known em a decade now and we laugh our arses off at each other to this day. ... Mutual respect and understanding is key.



    If you can't laugh about life and the hell it drags you through and our differences you should never laugh laugh at anyone else IMHO :D 

  3. sasquatch, i dunno man, could be, giants and pygmes are certainly true, the iceman was a fascinating find.... Could be a big human ape runnin around for all I  know, but this world is getting pretty small for a creature like that too exist.....The cracks in the bottom of the ocean get most my attention on the creature front :D