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  1. that blue thing looks to be made out of fiberglass/graphite/composite type of stuff similar to a air tank for a paintball gun or a canoe/kayak. looks like mediocre fiberglass from here, probably made to be water proof and easily formed, not strong nor light or exotic.  It appears to pointed in the front like a canoe, but dont think it is one. I am doubting it is technically a machine already :LOL:  I dont recall the symbol but it lends the mind to hot and cold water flowing through it while something is put directly in.... I suspect its some odd grow related/hash making thingy EK picked up in his travels and was at the bottom of closet where he just happened upon it the other day and thought "yeahhhhh, they wont guess this" LOLOOOL. 

  2. Great idea for disposing of the excess crap with the cat litter.  Looks like some teas are in my future.  Once I re-amend the soil I will forsure use anothertimes suggested mix to get the microbes jump started.


    5 gal of water

    2 tbsp. of blackstrap

    1.5 cups of worm castings 

    2 teaspoons of kelp 1-0-4


    brew 36 hours and wet your soil mix with it.

    He is the one who taught me :D 

  3. i thought it hog ring pliers at first, its something of similar use for sure by its design.  The size and the age again lends me to thing it was for a animal rather than anything modern. Its a metal working tool, blacksmith age. Long after your darn spear throwing thing.....  :LOL:  It is surely to take that spike and make it round, what they did with that spike is beyond my knowledge at this point in time :D 


    http://www.self-reliance.com/hunting-with-the-ancient-atlatl/ Is it one of these? or something similar? I sure would like to look at one. lol. 

    That's the one.


    It's a spear thrower... :-) It's a little stretch on the "machine" but it does have multiple moving parts :-)


    if you knew the time I had in finding that. :LOL: Up side is I have a pretty good education now about old rock/flint/bone/wood tools from early man :P  Funny thing is none of "educational" sites mentioned it or anything similar!  A few pages into google this guy is playing with one.....go figure. 

  5. Solid advice again man thanks a million. I really need to get back into making teas. With the way winter is around here I have to turn off my hoses outside and don't have a good sink I can wash all the stuff down after straining the tea.


    I got the TLO book to read through once I finish up some of the other things I'm reading.

    I need to get a copy of that too!   You can use bottled goo.   Maybe a sampler of GH organic line or of something else proven and simple until the time is right for the teas? Perhaps you could take the "tea waste" and throw it out with your kitty litter box or trash?  Put it in a plastic sack from the grocers and toss it in a store/restaurant/gas stations trash?  I know adding it back to the soil for me wasn't the answer....gloppy nute depleted mess that it is....

  6. This is like playing hide and seek and that tense gigglyness when you can feel  you may get caught!!!

    hahaha, you got me on this one I think. Ill take your hints into my google searches. :D so its a pliable ancient hunting device/weapon?! Hahahahaha. holy crap Boggles my mind TBH. 

  7. I would think it a weapon of sorts if I could figure out a purpose for that oddly shaped hole in the end.  As you said perhaps something you would give a young boy coming into manhood, passed down, maybe the hole is to hang it on the wall :LOL:   I think this was used long before metal working or nick knacks though... If they have to be wood, that should a huge clue for us all? Left me thinking it was just that old, fashioned so oddly...but perhaps it is not as old as I believe and the wood lends its own properties to the device.  Wood? Burns nice, soaks up water, plyable/shapable, resilient, readily available...  I have not EVER seen one of these and Ive been through more than a few antique shops :LOL: It is clearly not precision, or carefully fitted...I can see in the larger photo that the far end of the hole is tapered or worn or both? It is only worn/tapered on that tip.


      I could see string going through that hole...but what would you do with that odd looking thing once there was a string on it?! 


    Is the "blade" of this item sharp? is it knife shaped? Is the horse shaped for a hand? how long is it?  Do you affix a stone point or tool onto the hole? like the worlds first dagger?  

  8. letter opener

    that was my first thought... but that hole at the end, and why is that handle turned so oddly? and they are always made of wood?!  It is some ancient tool thingy to do with animals/food/hunting gathering....How long/large would this item typically be?  Is it something to sew thick leather goods from hide? 

  9. Taking a cutting during the veg cycle...is what it sounds like and gives you a copy of the "mother" plant.

    Yeah, cutting, clone, same thing, its technically a cutting IMO, but clone sounds cooler. :LOL:   I would say a clone/cutting could be taken at anytime of the plants life, some would be less desirable, but.... would still be considered cuttings/clones even if take in flower IMHO.


    Also...if you take a late flowering clone...can you take stable clones off that clone once it has grown?

    Yes, but it will require my time and care than a normal clone.


    Or are they somehow genetically mixed up in their expressions?

    Err, If the plant/clone/cutting suffers stress "genetic drift" could occur, also over very long periods of time even well take care of plants will drift....but you can "re-veg" a plant.


    Taking a clone during (I think it has to be close too two weeks after the flowering cycle began) will give you a clone that will bush out and have multiple and irregular tops....it will also grow "odd" and not be a copy of the mother.  This is called "monster cropping"?  

    I have noooo clue at all. :LOL: Sounds like "super cropping" or one of the other "new" training techniques to "easily double your yield"   Thing is they mean something different to everyone it seems, and IME they are typical horticultural practices or bastardizations there of given funny names by potheads, like "clones"   :P   Id like to hear what others think of all this.  As described, I  I would be skeptical at best, in fact i might just call BS right here. LOLOL.  

  10. When I was "fluffing up" the soil for another use I found the thin roots tended to stick together in balls, like hair, and were pretty easy to pick out.  I never worried about getting them all.  I would try to get most out though.....do go crazy with it, I dont think youd ever notice the difference. :D


    For upping the N I really like ground alfalfa, can use some blood meal too if you wish. 


    I would follow the original, simple TLO recipe to the letter to begin with, or the revs latest work, or something from the Three little birds.....Key is something proven that you can follow exactly to get yourself familiar with the process. Of course you can jump right in the deep end too :LOL:


    If I were you I would add 1/2 the original amount of whatever the plants where lacking (assuming you loaded up the soil, used it once, and were there now... :P )  Go light is my advice, you can always add things in teas easily, top dressing.. but you need to tea anyhow no matter how good your soil is if you want top results.  You will find that nutrients break down SLOW in the soil, if you add more and more, it will reach a toxic point with none available to the plant until its already too strong.  Kelp rocks, hard to over use.  Get a plan for your teas and go easy on adding more solid nutes into your soil. I like your ratio of blood to alfalfa meal.  Ok, getting long, ask away. lol.