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  1. Not my words, but EKs, I think ill just leave this as my profile feed, as I can not say it better... This group may be eclectic but we have some things in common :DI’m so proud of the way people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, wealth, health and spiritual awareness; and though many of us have never met face to face, we come here to this screen this home page, this computer, each waiting to help, watching for signs of limitations, waiting for that moment when were able to help with no...

  2. glad to back wolfy and from the corn fields

    1. jblaze


      :) few more weeks and ill be back this is the final week of my move not sure ill net for a few weeks at new house but ill be back shortly with a new room and new genetics glad your back brother much love
    2. offdababa


      Thanks JB! good to hear it, I was wonderin where ya wondered off too.


  3. Enjoying the last of the good weather here, hope everyone is doing the same!



      Were going to have one more week of fairly decent weather (high 60's) Then Portland goes straight into winter. :)

  4. Hope you are feelin better today brother, werd to your mama.

  5. THanks EK, super fast man! Happy holidays everyone

    1. Unistasis


      Lots of shit happens! We'll talk in the chat room later!

  6. READ THIS: Try the chat room and tell me what happens.

  7. Im back. Whats up with the chat room?

  8. This ol boy is takin a break for awhile ladies and Gentleman.

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    2. Unistasis


      Peace man, I wish you all the best

    3. xbrpete


      This is how you treat friends? Really? Are you a person of substance or just another poser POS

    4. 420friendly


      wait.....come back........................... :(

  9. Thanks for the friend add, good chattin with you tonight.

  10. welcome Uni, a little late but hey! Glad your here!

  11. Why thank you kind sir, I am honored. :)

  12. Welcome man! Glad to see ya here finally made it! Ohh to be able to express thyself freely.

  13. LA LA LA lA lA lalalalala! Smurfy seein ya man!

  14. rock on JB, good to see ya bro.

  15. Welcome JB, glad to see you turn up here as well! Greetings and Salutations!

  16. Greywolf! Thanks for all you do, and all you share. Great seeing you here. Owwwwwwwwww!

  17. hey fekker! lmao Love ya bro,.