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  1. DIY CO2 Extraction?

    Hehehe, Im lovin that! I know butane is safe and science, but I trust ice and CO2 more than anything at heart. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for being the V-plow of information :D  Im lookin forward to future observations by folks that make me use a dictionary to understand :D 

  2. Who's been hatin on you Skler, want me to lump em up? hahahaha...Seriously though, were a odd crew and NO, not all of us are besties, however we all do try very hard to put aside these differences when we walk in here for the good of the whole, that is what we all have in common.....Those that fit seem to stick around, those that dont naturally filter their negative, selfish arses elsewhere..hahahah...I have heard no one complain about ya Skyler, and I aint either man.  Im crazy as hell, but people here tollerate me...I dunno man, i think your good.