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    :Big Grin:
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  4. If you know of "med user friendly" employment in Oregon, this is the place to discuss it! If you are looking to potentially hire someone, or could use some help please feel free to post here as well
  5. All you need to brew tea's your plants will LOVE is: 1. 5 gallon bucket (or similar) 2. Airpump, airline and a airstone. 3. Water and nutrients. (Kelp meal, blood meal, Earth Worm Castings, Bat Guano, alfalfa, ect.) This way of growing many feel makes a better product, is productive, and will save tons of money over buying over-priced bottled goo. Here you can see my set up. Air pump (cheap, dependable and $2 to rebuild ) with a 6 way valve. From there I run two airlines to basic blue air stones and into 5 gallon buckets. Here is what I am going to use for nutrients. Ground alfalfa, Kelp, Bat guano (which I think is too expensive these days, but I had some to use), and not pictured some EWC (Earth Worm Castings). I always heard of ladies nylons working as great "tea-bags". So I stuffed some of the nutes into one. I found it to be more hassle than its worth, as the nylon wanted float, and I went back to just dumping the nutes into the bucket Either way, it'll look like this for a couple days and you will have tea! How long to brew and what to add has all to do with what is available to you and what your trying to accomplish. Generally 2-3 days is good and anything water soluble it suitable. You want the tea to look like tea you would drink. So if the tea is really strong and dark, you can add water to it until it looks like sun tea. With one strong veg tea and one flower tea going you can custom tailor your feedings to each plant by adding more or less of the combinations of teas to each plant to suit its needs. The dog Photo-bombed me! If you have any questions or suggestions for your needs, please post em up and you will be helped shortly! Mother nature WORKS!
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    Dummy help:/

    YOu could check recycle centers, or places with used building supplies or maybe if someones tearing down a building near you? Hmmmm man.
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    Brazilian Bag Seed

    Sorry to hear the light didn't work out for ya man. That sucks. A air cooled 400 watter is pretty darn easy to cool though, I can believe it.. Sooo will ya take $5 for the light, i mean it is used! jkjk man
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    CatManMoo's Perpetual Organic Litter ~

    Promix has almost nothing in it nutrient wise far less than EWC if anything. Dont give seedlings nuttin but water till they get established IMHO.
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    CatManMoo's Perpetual Organic Litter ~

    My main issue right now is the seedlings. I planted them in a 50/50 mix of Pro-Mix organic and EWC then cut this with about 30% perlite. The Pro-Mix package suggested a 50% cut with EWC for seedlings so they do not burn. Well they are definitely burning. I only water with RO. The cotyledon are yellow and curled on most of the plants and it is starting to creep up to the rest of the leaves. The plants growth are also very slow. Should I flush or wait it out and baby them as they grow slowly? 50/50 mix of promix and EWC for seedlings does not soundlike a good idea to me. Maybe promix and perlite until the look like little plants, they really only need water for awhile and are sensitive to strong ferts. Then you can take the lil plant and stick it in amended soil or whatever and the roots will grow into or you could tea em a lil.... a light flushing couldnt hurt IMHO, Ya hate to transplant sumthin when its sick, but it could well be the soil their in if all is business as normal.... I dunno.
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    New addition to my family

    Think i might be hangin out with the dog more than a socially responsible person should, sorry she trains me well
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    Ice Bucket Challenge

    I was loading up the bobcat so I Eddie and I could tip the bucket!
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    New addition to my family

    Eat it
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    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Love this convo, couldnt agree more
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    Sealed room

    If you have a small tent with some extra room in it this might work! I don't think it would ever be reasonable for a larger grow. The amount of people that have done this and gotten the area to the desired 1500+ PPM of CO2 uniformly to the plant is short if not non existant. If you have gas/propane hot water heater or dryer..hehehe...
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    Brazilian Bag Seed

    Rock em with no glass MOO! Show people ya can! Love that action. That foxtailed bud could be due to heat or you might have some sativa plants! : IMHE loose flufffy buds means soaring mind expanding smoke, and I like that no matter what anyone thinks of the density
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    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Sorry for the confusion man, the wife chart was hilarious, that guy knows! Part two was funny at first... "He needed a piece of paper all I had was a target?!" LOLOLOL. You know someones cool when that happens.
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    Ice Bucket Challenge

    If the buckets to large for one man to lift, I volunteer to help you pour it Admiral.
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    My No-Till Garden ~

    Sounds good man, like you said I have no idea if no till works, but it sure is interesting watching someone else try it!
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    Multiple Strain (maybe) outdoor

    Mmmmm Skinny leaves make perfect smoke
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    Medical Grow: Shark Shock CBD & MediHaze CBD

    That sucks, good to hear some honest reviews on "Mr. Nices" stuff. I have always been so torn, more interested in his life than his gentics once and for all. Thanks moo, I can turn the page. lol. Sorry about the crappy beans though, thats lame.
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    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Pots look like they have aluminum foil wrapped around em in one pic or mylar? Sorry
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    My No-Till Garden ~

    Well, least ya got some meds! Next time you know not to do the same thing. For the first time though... ehhh, they lived!
  23. Air Ventilation/circulation 101 Why do we need air ventilation/circulation? Plants need CO2 at the underside of their leaves to "breath". CO2 is found in our air, usually around 300 ppm. A plant can benefit from up to 2000 ppm's+ of CO2 at times. If the air is stagnant plants can quickly use all of the CO2 available to them. To provide adequate CO2 (among other benefits) we exchange the air every few minutes in the grow space. Even if you plan on supplemental CO2 in your room you will still need ventilation. Air management is key to a healthy garden and bountiful harvest. It deters pests, molds, removes heat and humidity, ect. If there is one time to over do something a little in your garden, this is it. Air ventilation/circulation. Ventilation is usually accomplished through ducting and in line fans. Once introduced into the grow space the fresh air will need to be circulated. This is usually accomplished by using simple oscillating fans mounted strategically to uniformly and lightly rustle all the leaves in the space. This will blow the CO2 depleted air from the bottom of the leaf and bring in fresh air. This circulation will also help make the temperature and humidity in the room more uniform and eliminate hot spots and places with stagnant air. Good circulation will also strengthen your plants as they get ready to put on some serious weight! The necessity of proper environment can not be overstated. Many problems in a garden are entirely avoided when plenty of air movement is present. From "over watering" to pests, molds, poor growth, ect. Theres not much proper ventilation/circulation of air does not help with. Luckily it is pretty simple, and there is always plenty of experienced help here to guide you if you have questions. Fan selection: To select a ventilation fan you'll need to know the cubic feet of your room. Here are 3 easy steps to find this with a example in parenthesis. 1. Measure your grow space in feet. Length, width and ceiling height. (10'X10' with 8' ceilings) 2. Multiple those three numbers together, LXWXH, to find the cubic feet of your space. (10'X10'X8'=800 cubic feet) 3. Divide the cubic feet by the number of minutes you want the air to be exchanged in. Every 2 minutes for this example. (800 divided by 2=400 CFM to exchange the air every two minutes in our space). So we need around a 400 CFM fan for our example. CFM ratings: This means the fan *should* move a specified amount of air with NO restriction. Of course your room will be at least somewhat sealed, and your going to hang ducts from the fan, so this number is unrealistic which is why we used every two minutes instead of three to five. This will help compensate for our real world use, not a lab test. What kind of fan should I use? A good quality fan like a "Vortex" brand will move a lot of air even while hindered with ducts and carbon filters. You can buy a vent fan for $30 or so from the hardware store, say 350 cfm. If you were to hook it up for our purposes it is doubtful it would do much except make noise and consume electricity. If you purchase a good quality fan it will perform to the rated specs and more at freeload and it will pull most of its rated CFM even in a real world application. If you go to http://www.atmosphere.com/ and choose their VTX style fans they have very informative and simple graphs that show the CFM capabilities of the fans dropping as static pressure rises. The CFM the fan pulls at a inch or so pressure is what you want to look at, not the rating on the box. if a manufacturer will or can not supply you with this information, I would look elsewhere. The shorter and straighter your ducts and the more intake air capability you have the easier it will be for the fan to perform near specifications. 6" and 8" models seem to be the most efficient. A quality fan will also be "speed control capable" allowing you to slow or speed up your fan depending on your needs. Intake air Either another fan or a passive vent(s) can provide intake air. Since the grow space is fairly well sealed a fan pulling air out of the room needs a little help to achieve desired air flow. The fan is not able to overcome the pressure of a sealed room. You can install another fan of the same or lesser size to blow air into the room while your main ventilation fan pulls the air out. You can also make "passive" vents in the walls or ceiling, or floor. These are simply holes in the room where fresh air is able to flow in to replace what is being sucked out of the room by the main fan. For example, you could make a hole or two the size of a small furnace filter in the walls, then place the filter over them. You would have a passive vent. Examples Lets say you have that 10X10 room with 8' ceilings above in the example. It is 800 cubic feet. You could choose a 8" fan to pull the air from the room as these fans are most efficient PULLING air. This could be done with a simple vent near the top of the room where the hot air rises too. Then you could choose another 8" or a 6" fan for intake air. Mount this low at the opposite side of your space, blowing air in. You could also cut large holes or employ other means (a unused door) for passive vents. If you have enough fan and a little ingenuity you can rock without the glass in your shades. Then you can hook up the main ventilation fan to suck the hot air off the bulbs and exchange air in the room simultaneously. This will pull air from precisely where you want! Over the canopy and in the hottest spot in the room. You could keep your glass too, and leave one end of the shade open to suck out the air in the room. If you do not hook your ventilation fan to your lights in some fashion you will be buying a fan to cool the lights and one (or two) for the ventilation. It all has to do with your space, budget, preferences, ect. Still unsure? Post up your questions below and they will be answered promptly by knowledgeable folks that love to help!
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    Ventilation 101.

    If I had a 3X3 tent or a bedroom I would use 6" or 8" fans on a speed controller... larger than that I would start thinking about standard rectangle ducting and doing things more HVAC minded. heres a link for you https://www.cdicurbs.com/ductcal Duct calculator If you dontlike that one, there are others... Its all just math, but were not designing a HVAC system for a hospital here, I think simple is best.
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    Suggestions for Edible Extract Recipe for Introspection

    Great to hear it! Sounds good to me man