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  1. offdababa

    Qwiso Question

    Heinz ISO? No clue man, but I do l respect your question. Like me, youll step right up and say "What the heck happened here??" lmao.. Good luck looking forward to the conclusion of this.
  2. offdababa

    Ww's Random Funnies

    I coulda really used that guide as a kid man....pftt....Good stuff!
  3. offdababa

    2012 Food Plot

    Nummy nummy in the tummy!! Your veggie plot is as dialed looking as your med plot man!! Thanks for sharing! Bring on the veggies!!!
  4. NIce man! Looks like ya got all kinds of fire smoke coming! Get that jilly out of there, shes messin up the neighborhood.
  5. offdababa

    Banana Gum By Oniusoniusonius Test Grow

    Desi, Desi, what have you done? I am praying for F-2s from OOO if he ever shows his face again, would love to try out more to see more phenos. No worries, I waxed a few of mine too when they were young from partying when I shoulda been watering.
  6. offdababa

    Banana Gum By Oniusoniusonius Test Grow

    Rock on pete! Our girls look like twins man! Your 3 and 5 too look a lot like my 5, and 3 which are FANTASTIC so far! All the best phenos of mine only grew 10-12" after flip FYI, had one twice that, but it was not a keeper anyhow.next to these other girls. Great job man, RACE ya! LOL!
  7. offdababa

    Lighting Question

  8. offdababa

    Microbe Organics

    I use a lid to limit light ingress into bucket. I also use a black bucket. Some bacteria and stuff like it dark, however some will live with some light, and you will still get the nutrients. I believe Teaming with microbes reccomends it dark, however mine is on loan
  9. offdababa

    Microbe Organics

    5 gallon bucket with lid and airstone. POOF! tea brewer
  10. offdababa

    How Do You Check Your Soils Ph?

    Well my wizard Ph checker came today. I am sorry to say that IMHO it is a total POS. Cheap plastic construction and equally cheesy packaging. There is a button (which feels like something off a $2 toy from china, where this happens to be made at) you press to toggle between PH and moisture. The problem is you can tell whether it is up or down so you have to guess what it is checking, no matter because it reads the exact same on both settings. Well I would take my hammer to it, but it is under warranty and was around $60, so it will be heading back to china.
  11. offdababa

    How Do You Check Your Soils Ph?

    First off we have a low quality 3 in one tester (only kind there is) with a high quality dead blow hammer. You can see how I properly utilized the hammer with the 3 in one tester. Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk PHing your soil. I have heard various opinions on how re-using peat or promix will turn your PH acidic over time, and also different ways to check the PH of your soil. I bought a handy little $35 meter showing my near 7.0 water. (been using no RO, no PH test with 4 year old pro mix, no problem ) Comes out to 6.7 I took 24 oz of dirt out of 3 different pots. I soaked the dirt in 7.0 water in the 3 containers pictured, just enough water to make a soup out of them. I then took a PH reading. I then stirred each for one minute, tested again. I then got only dirt from the water and tested the water I squeezed from the dirt. I then took the same 3 pots and watered slowly and checked run off. I then emptied the trays and tipped the pots to collect run off and test again. I watered a wee more, waited, then tried one more time just in case. The PH always read 6..65-6.86in all tests.and this fluctuation seemed to be mostly pot related..haha..pot the dirt came out of related. I still have the soupy dirt soaking in the water I will test in 24 hours or more and if there is a change I will report. My conclusion is when done properly both methods yield comparable and accurate enough results. Thoughts, comments? Do you have a better way to check the PH of your soil, short of sending it off to be analyzed? What do you keep you soil or soil less at and how do you test? This post has been promoted to an article
  12. offdababa


    Hey I got a bottle of these! Thanks for the info. Ive been hearing some real good stuff about these little things! About to put em to the test!
  13. offdababa

    Orgnanic Gardens In The Shade.

    Hmm.... I did not use any type of rooting hormone on these, they were seeds and clones both. Something new happened, or as you say I got a little too much of something in there. I have seen no other irregularitites other than those roots higher than they should be. I know it started about the time I began these, and slowly showed up on others. With my ever changing nutes and amendments, Id hate to try to guess.
  14. welcome Uni, a little late but hey! Glad your here!

  15. offdababa

    Orgnanic Gardens In The Shade.

    The jamaican is so smelly! On a side note, I thought this was just on the banangums I am testing for OOO, but I see this is happening to a lot of my plants. Umm. any ideas what causes this? They are roots trying to form.
  16. offdababa

    Grow Room Humidity And Temperature?

    Excellent post! Lots of good information there on temperature that is not so commonly posted. I think Ill bump my humidity level up during most of flower and bring it down at the end to see what happens. I dont see much harm as Ive ran 50-60% in flower without issue. The dehumidifier will just run less for awhile if nothing else Thanks!
  17. offdababa

    Dam Affy By Kak

    Ker Plooop! :ICONATOR_5870bcd63db5ca41b23150
  18. offdababa

    This can't be good

    hahhaha, thanks man, that made me laugh.
  19. offdababa


    Hhahaha. Ya know the first person or 2 I heard say that Itype of thing I kinda questioned, but I am really getting really excited about this lately!!!! ..ohhhh the possibilities!
  20. offdababa

    2012 Garden

    Nice man, I enjoy seeing the outdoor grows! Looks like you have a well organized one. Love seeing the Dobies that still have their ears too! Good looking doggers! Good Karma your way......
  21. offdababa

    Southpawws soil and tea mixes

    sorry bro these meters are for pools/spaz/fish tanks/hydro and like i said i tested the water in the jar for the PPM after the soil had aged till ready Thanks, I get it now :pensif_3:. But wouldn't a PPM/TDS meter you could stick in your soil be great??? :th_emoticons_adu: I have ppm pen for liquid, just trying to make a few conclusions about organic soil as I go here....Thanks everyone.
  22. offdababa

    Southpawws soil and tea mixes

    This is in reference to greywolf stating in his original post "After the mix has set for a month it is then tested. this batch is @ 6.1 Ph, & a PPM of 1150." How did Greywolf determine that the soil held 1150 ppm of ferts? this is very interesting to me.
  23. offdababa

    Southpawws soil and tea mixes

    I looked at the oakton web site. I can find no ppm/tds meters for soil. Do you guys use the liquid ppm/tds meters to test run off? I would be thrilled to have a ppm/tds meter for soil! Never knew such a thing exiisted. Thanks guys and girls! Maybe a link to the ones yall have had good luck with?
  24. offdababa

    Southpawws soil and tea mixes

    what process do you use to determine PPM of amended soil? Very good post BTW, thanks, great info as always wolfy one.
  25. offdababa

    Whats Your Nutrient Recipe?

    I have read citric acid, bubbling, and filtering all are cures for chlorines in your water. I don't think the 1 part per million or so chlorine in city water decimates the microbes in your soil. It probably doesn't do them any good and thins em out a bit though. Teaming with microbes suggests taking measures to remove them and they have done testing on bacteria populations in soil and teas so I assume its worth doing. When filling water bucket I spray water on the side of the bucket so a sheet of water covers the side and fills bottom of the bucket. I have noticed I can smell the chlorine coming off the water doing this. Or maybe im insane. Heres what I use in my teas...Right now I am looking to do away with bat poo so if ya know of any. replacements.... Bat poo Kelp Blood meal Epsom salt Dried molasses EWC (yet another thing I am doing away with) Alfalfa pellets Fish hydrolysate gypsum silica product. vitamin/enzyme product All depends what they need. I amend my soil so I like giving them 2 alfalafa and kelp teas before flower and a few Jamaican bat poo and kelp teas in flower. A lil fishy hydrolysate, vitamins and silica with veg teas. The rest is pretty much whatever the plant seem to want.