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  1. offdababa

    Traumatic Brain Injury?

    NP, I have been wondering what in the heck was wrong with you three?!?!
  2. offdababa

    I'm designing my grow space, Pencil and paper stage.

    well, it really is up to you. If your winters are mild outside air might be best, but if not maybe pulling warmer air will be more beneficial to you.... really it all depends on everything else, like everything else. lol
  3. Sounds like a great time! Ill be sure to be there and make the decent folks leave.
  4. offdababa

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    I will! Hell I might even take a shower and wear some jeans without holes. LOL.
  5. offdababa

    Tips... Advice... comments

    They might be a little pale from lack of N, but from the pics it looks like slight nute burn to me, which you get when you push a plant...I dunno though... might be Venus misalighned with the moon.
  6. offdababa

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Lookin good! That last one was a healthy girl
  7. offdababa

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    if your using city tap water or have a unique situation, perhaps PH will play a roll. Assuming the enviornment is correct, I think you need to add plenty of chunky perlite to your soil and only water when the pots are light. I usually grab up a pot or tip it to determine if it wants water. I suspect you are following a nutrient schedule with soil too dense to expel the nutrients, even with proper watering. Its a weed. Forget all this complicated stuff and just look at the plant. I
  8. offdababa

    Traumatic Brain Injury?

    Very eductional thread, thanks guys.
  9. offdababa


    Well the new puter hates uploading images, i got em to photobucket and cant seem to get n further. I gave away more morels than I ate....lol
  10. offdababa

    I'm designing my grow space, Pencil and paper stage.

    Soooooooo true!! Awesome to see ya back man, hope you've been well.
  11. offdababa

    I'm designing my grow space, Pencil and paper stage.

    If I had a blank slate I would inuslate it, then paint the walls and ceiling white. Then figure out where you are going to get fresh air from and where your going to exaust it too. Intake should be low and placed at the opposite end of the room from Exhaust, which should be mounted high, near or in the ceiling. The math for fan sizes is clear above. Keep your ducts straight and short, if this is not possible, you will need more fan. Fans CFM ratings are with no ducts or obstructions....You want one that will pull hard under a load, like a vortex, which IMHO are the best. You will need a spot about canopy high or higher high to place your dehumidifer and A/C in the room. I like the A/C at the intake end of the room and the dehumifier centered on a side wall, but whatever works Then hang enough oscilating fans to evenly blow and mx the air in the room. If you are planning on cooling your lights with air, figure this into your ducting now, for example you will need another fan if you dont hook the exhaust duct onto the lights hood...also placing your bulbs parallel with the short walls (assuming the room is rectangular) seems to help. Get the enviornment right and you will not have many of the troubles growers fight with.
  12. offdababa

    Multiple Strain (maybe) outdoor

    And the plot thickens.
  13. offdababa

    Meet Nimoy, the giant little dog

    Cool man! I love dogs so much more than people.... I have a 55 pound dog that thinks shes a 200 pound wolf. lol I know whatcha mean
  14. offdababa

    Karr McDebt's "Jedi Healing Balm"

    Review of Karr McDebt's Jedi Healing Balm! (IT ROCKS!) My mom has Fibromyalgia (and other ailments) which cause her a lot of daily pain. I thought some Jedi Balm might help. She will not consume cannabinoids, but since this balm only uses the roots of our beloved plant it got her approval! Upon arrival the balm really opened my eyes and other senses too! It has a perfectly smooth consistency and a great smell that begs ya to rub some on. You can instantly tell it is a quality product made with much love and experience. I have chronic pain in my hands and wrists so I decided to try some out. It was quick and easy to rub in and left absolutely no greasy feeling or strong smells, ect. It is much unlike most products made to rub into your skin in a very good way. (for lack of a better way to put it.) Well pleased I went on with my day, not noticing the balm at all. After doing some chores that would normally have me rubbing my hands for some pain relief I realized "Hey, my hands don't hurt!" Amazed, I wanted to put more on, but decided not too as it was certainly not needed. 2 days later now and my hands are getting that constant achey pain back to em that I had grown use too. Time for some more Balm I am very happy to have something available to get rid of the pain that is natural and beneficial to me. I would definitely recommend this product to someone with similar chronic pain or anyone who uses a lotion/balm for most anything. We will see what mom says about it here shortly as I was the guinea pig Rating: 10- Highly recommended Upside: Easy and fast to put on, well packaged, awesome quality, smells great but not strong at all, smooth seemingly perfect consistency and texture, IT WORKS. Downside: None that I have observed.
  15. offdababa

    Karr McDebt's "Jedi Healing Balm"

    Root balm products of all kinds have been around for 1000's of years. There is money in pills, poison, insurance and doctors visits but I am against all that. Few seek natural remedies these days, and I swear by this one. I do not apply this nearly as often anymore and it seems to have healed my hands more than provided relief. At the end of most days I could not a joint...I have not had that problem since. Thanks brother Karr. On a side note my mom, a three firiends now have all loved this for a variety of ailments....I have given more away than I have used
  16. offdababa

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Great show! I stopped in the other day and realized, no camera...again! Friggin stoners! Still great to see. Your lights might be engineered for cannabis, but they certainly grow everything well and Im certain the enviornment is less than ideal at the store, but the plants seem to thrive. Very cool. Your employees were anxious to show off the latest wares and supplies, plants....quite friendly and knowledgable as always. They asked if I wanted you guys, I told them "naw, i dont even have my camera?!" lol. One day soon. So much cool in there
  17. offdababa

    What a MALE plant looks like

    Be nice to have some younger pictures too rom someone, cause you got seeds likely by that point IMHE.
  18. offdababa

    I'm designing my grow space, Pencil and paper stage.

    I am not entirely sure I understand. You have a room now, but want a smaller room and have a 2 car garage you want to convert to full capacity? Lets tackle on project at a time if this is the case, I am confuzzled man, excuse my stupidity.
  19. offdababa

    Plant leaves curling up

    I agree. Looks enviornmental too me.
  20. offdababa

    How to brew Organic Teas for plant food. Cheap and easy.

    I would never add chemical nutes to a organic grow. Pick one way or another and run with it. The Amish and like around here will rent fields and pour chemicals to it, but on their own land they use organics. Think about that. Over time chems will destroy a ecosystem whether it is outside or in. Your fighting yourself at that point IMHO and you will never get as good results as if you went either way. Fox Farm IMHO and IMHE is overpriced crap. I know people use it with success, but you would have to be a fox farm guru to outgrow me with pure organics and teas. Really, honestly...its whatever you prefer and works for you. "Better" taste or flavor is purely subjective and I know a few DWC gurus I would hate to ply my wares against. At the same time I am happy with a twice a week trip into the room and my nutes costing less than anyones nearly...I think its "better" organic, and I know Ill never hit the GPW of great buds that the Hydro gurus do, but i bet you can get within the 10% barrier with little fuss and less money and IMHE "better buds".
  21. offdababa

    My main breaker box

    Make sure you have a 200 amp cable into your house and this guy isnt some schmo (thats right schmo..lol) that is gonna burn your place down. Its a easy enough affair, should be able to be done about anyway you want including a whole nother box for your room if you wished. Do yourself a favor and run a few outlets around the room unless its like 3x3 or something.
  22. offdababa

    Multiple Strain (maybe) outdoor

    Rock it Jedi
  23. offdababa

    LED lighting

    Hands down, dominator. Lush's customer service is unmatched in the LED world, great folks that stand behind a great product. I have been into their retail store on several occassions. These lights may be tuned for meds, but they grow nearly anything well as witnessed continually in the store. You want the best product you can afford, but even better is one you KNOW folks will stand behind and not leave you out to dry. Getting both makes this a easy choice to me.
  24. offdababa

    Hash Skunk Winter 2014 ~ Spring 2015

    boom chucka bow wow. Everyone grows different and in their own way, but you really rock it EK. I like the outcome of your style, always the same. Huge bushes with tons of buddage! Hard to beat that!