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  1. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Really likin the show man, im assuming the pots are wrapped like that for heat reasons or are they fellow conspiracy theorists?
  2. offdababa

    Chrome Diesel + Pineapple Princess

    It is my understanding he is taking a break from the internet to concentrate his efforts on family and enjoying life. (good on him, dude deserves it!) His seeds are for sale still at that michigan site last I checked. I dont' beleive he is anywhere else, cept maybe fishin I hope you stick around bro, always love seein ya.
  3. offdababa

    Sealed room

    Errr....well... if it was truly sealed you could not get in or out!
  4. offdababa

    The Garden of Blazen v. 2.0

    Super glad to see you back JBlaze! Looking forward to seeing your sexy girls more
  5. offdababa

    My No-Till Garden ~

    I live in the farm country and can pick up 50 pound bags of whatever for dirt cheap. IMHO the key is keeping the soil balanced while introducing as many different beneficial ingredients as you can. I think his work is at least worth looking at if nothing else. Old info from the three little birds also struck me. ... I dunno- I do what I do. lol.
  6. offdababa

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Hmm, its ever changing and he made a book a few years ago now.....I am a firm believer in his ways, but everyones goals are different! Lots of stuff providing everything the plant needs, breaking down at a different time to feed the plant and you tea to make up the difference. I have NO idea if this is factual or up to date but seems relevant http://buildasoil.com/blogs/news/9885098-why-tlo-dissecting-the-rev-mix-line-by-line
  7. offdababa

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Looking forward to the ride and the pics I like the Revs work you listed above, hard to beat experience.
  8. offdababa

    Sealed room

    What are you hoping to gain by a sealed room, if I may ask? Ventilation is still needed to exchange air in the room, especially during lights off period. Your going to be hauling tanks into your car and into your grow, or your going to come up with a clever way to get CO2 on your own, propane or NG burner, or your own creation. Less trouble from pests (you can crank the CO2 till everything is dead in the room but a plant. ) Very unsafe, never do that. Theres less wear on the fans, A/C, and a faster growth rate by a bit in a sealed room.....and you dont have the constant noise of everything running, it eases your nerves a bit IMHE..... If you can already exchange the air every 1-2 minutes and have good circulation and you want that last 10% out of your garden.....it could be a good choice. Thankfully CO2 is not like CO! Your eyes will burn and every part of your brain will tell you to leave the space when CO2 is beyond your limit. anyhow...lol
  9. offdababa

    LED lighting

    Nice! Let us know whatcha think of em!
  10. I would worry about growing a plant with healthy leaves before I trimmed it. The leaves are photocells are energy producers........ Leave em be.
  11. offdababa

    Multiple Strain (maybe) outdoor

    Looking Jedi! I always enjoy the outdoor gardens!
  12. offdababa

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Sounds interesting, I am not a believer in no till farming in containers, but perhaps you'll change my mind
  13. offdababa

    LED lighting

    SWEET! Which 3? I hope you used the sites discount!
  14. offdababa

    Suggestions for Edible Extract Recipe for Introspection

    Hopefully GREYWOLF will chime in ,, Personally I like ice water hash, then you can introduuce that to butter or whatever. I think its super efficent, safe, cheap, easy and who doesent like a big ol ball of hash around?
  15. offdababa

    Dummy help:/

    I have seen 400-1000 watt MPS/MH lights taken out of factories and on craigslist for as little as $10.
  16. offdababa

    Papaw49's grow

    Lookin GREAT my friend. Thanks for the porn
  17. offdababa

    Hash Skunk-Growing outdoors 2014 (Video)

    Beautiful thread.
  18. offdababa

    Hash Skunk Outdoor grow 2015 (now public)

    Looks good as always my friend. Good to see the outdoor girls and your trusty spool of twine!
  19. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Your right, I woulda never guessed you were burnin a HPS in those shots
  20. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Everyday is the same here surrounded by corn and stupidity, which oddly have became synonyms in my mind.
  21. offdababa

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    I agree Theo, Where we are going is clear and the acceleration of which we are doing so brings forth so many questions I still say we are mining the planet for aliens, we are outcasts perhaps? Science experiment? Certainly slaves.... it all fascinates me. On a respectful side note, what caused you to beilieve in bigfoot?
  22. offdababa


    Looks like the cat just got off its motorcycle! LOL! Good karma to your kitty.
  23. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Lookin great, you take some nice shots of your girls!