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  1. offdababa

    Dummy help:/

    YOu could check recycle centers, or places with used building supplies or maybe if someones tearing down a building near you? Hmmmm man.
  2. offdababa

    Brazilian Bag Seed

    Sorry to hear the light didn't work out for ya man. That sucks. A air cooled 400 watter is pretty darn easy to cool though, I can believe it.. Sooo will ya take $5 for the light, i mean it is used! jkjk man
  3. offdababa

    CatManMoo's Perpetual Organic Litter ~

    Promix has almost nothing in it nutrient wise far less than EWC if anything. Dont give seedlings nuttin but water till they get established IMHO.
  4. offdababa

    CatManMoo's Perpetual Organic Litter ~

    My main issue right now is the seedlings. I planted them in a 50/50 mix of Pro-Mix organic and EWC then cut this with about 30% perlite. The Pro-Mix package suggested a 50% cut with EWC for seedlings so they do not burn. Well they are definitely burning. I only water with RO. The cotyledon are yellow and curled on most of the plants and it is starting to creep up to the rest of the leaves. The plants growth are also very slow. Should I flush or wait it out and baby them as they grow slowly? 50/50 mix of promix and EWC for seedlings does not soundlike a good idea to me. Maybe promix and perlite until the look like little plants, they really only need water for awhile and are sensitive to strong ferts. Then you can take the lil plant and stick it in amended soil or whatever and the roots will grow into or you could tea em a lil.... a light flushing couldnt hurt IMHO, Ya hate to transplant sumthin when its sick, but it could well be the soil their in if all is business as normal.... I dunno.
  5. offdababa

    New addition to my family

    Think i might be hangin out with the dog more than a socially responsible person should, sorry she trains me well
  6. offdababa

    Ice Bucket Challenge

    I was loading up the bobcat so I Eddie and I could tip the bucket!
  7. offdababa

    New addition to my family

    Eat it
  8. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Love this convo, couldnt agree more
  9. offdababa

    Sealed room

    If you have a small tent with some extra room in it this might work! I don't think it would ever be reasonable for a larger grow. The amount of people that have done this and gotten the area to the desired 1500+ PPM of CO2 uniformly to the plant is short if not non existant. If you have gas/propane hot water heater or dryer..hehehe...
  10. offdababa

    Brazilian Bag Seed

    Rock em with no glass MOO! Show people ya can! Love that action. That foxtailed bud could be due to heat or you might have some sativa plants! : IMHE loose flufffy buds means soaring mind expanding smoke, and I like that no matter what anyone thinks of the density
  11. offdababa

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Sorry for the confusion man, the wife chart was hilarious, that guy knows! Part two was funny at first... "He needed a piece of paper all I had was a target?!" LOLOLOL. You know someones cool when that happens.
  12. offdababa

    Ice Bucket Challenge

    If the buckets to large for one man to lift, I volunteer to help you pour it Admiral.
  13. offdababa

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Sounds good man, like you said I have no idea if no till works, but it sure is interesting watching someone else try it!