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  1. Happy Birthday. YUP! Another year. :)

  2. Happy Birthday. YUP! Another year. :) 

  3. zzzzzzzz

    Odd Duck

    Hi there eddie asked me to look.... but i m baffled.... never seen that!!! interesting cheers zzzzzzzz
  4. Happy Birthday. I sure miss your presence. 

    1. zzzzzzzz


      Thank you from the pther side of the pond!!!!



      it sure does make me happy to get this lil message from you!!!


      is all well on oregon?

      thanks again!

      be well





      Great to hear from you my friend, Oregon is going thru some changes to the OMMP program, seems rec use is winning out, OMMP member limits have been cut, Most are not reapplying for OMMP and going strictly recreational. Otherwise, we're all fine health wise. We miss your awesome photos and posts. Do let us know if we're able to do anything on our side to help over on the other side of the 'pond'

      With best wishes.


  5. here s for u pete!!! thanks again!!! cheers
  6. thank youy!!! but come on now ; don t start with the flattery!!! thank you Man!!! i hope u ll like the seedmaking here awesome!!! I have another friend who used to pollinate with a paint brush just like that thanks mann HA!!! IMPREGNATION CREMONY rofl thanks bone ! ok now update time it s flo day 45 today and i made some shots for you here the flowering is going quite ok 5 days after the IMPREGNATION CEREMONY (rofl) i did not find there was enough withered pistils to my taste so i decided on a second IMPREGNATION CEREMONY ( rofl) using a different method namely the plastic bag one : i harvested the open stamens and yellow powder that had fallen in the plastic bucket i used to that effect; transferred it all in a plastic bag ; then "choked" the to be pollinated females in the bag; shook it a bit then carefully open the bag upside down and go again with te next female surely enough 48 hours later almost all pistils had withered and i now can clearly see the pods swelling with a ripening seed inside em so there we are i thank u all for watching be well in the meantime cheersz z
  7. thank you Man!!! i hope u ll like the seedmaking here
  8. i AM feeling better and am back to me old self i guess !!! thanks !!! as for the crosses i have good hopes as well... thanks ol' delusional pharte!!! thanks bone !!!
  9. thx to u for that !!! i m glad to share thank you!!! the caramellas do smell like their armageddon parents at 1st ( skunky and "warm" kind of smell) but the cure brought it to a much sweeter and , yeah, almost caramùel like on 4 of the 5 i grew as for the sage a hint of incense and a fruity body with a bit of spice on the exhale sorry mx but ... NO!!! u did not i been a bit sick and unable to tend the garden for a bit of time so it s been left to its own devices besides regular watering it turned out they been real hungry and it took them some long time to recover enough for me to put them in flowering mode (which i did back on the 20 march) so i found a bubblegum male after all; a hugely beautiful petroleum nightmare male as welli m in the process of collecting the pollen of both of those to seed some amnesia clones and a honey clone so they ll be in week 4 on wednesday... i ll prolly pollinate this week in the meantime some pics here
  10. I hope your feeling better. :(

    1. zzzzzzzz


      i do i do!!!

      thank you very much

      i ll need a week or 2 to feel at the top but in the meantime i m pretty good


      thank you; thank you thank you!!!


      be well on your side as well will ya???


      thx again for the concern!!! :D


  11. thanks sr... i sure hope so too!!! bbg indeed!!! ( the idea germed when pete confirmed me u done work with HER ( i ll use HIM ;-) ) thanks for stopping by talent is too big a word for me ... but it s something i take thanks bone sticky fingers time http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/zoutal/slideshow/basement/basement%20harvest%20day%2069 be well all
  12. thanks pal! i m not able to answer properly this one stock... those are the elite clones running around here ... my opinion (worthy of nothing i d add) is that iut may well be the soma one it s now day 65 and i ll harvest the caramellas and the sage on sunday prolly the rest will have to wait another week or so http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/zoutal/slideshow/basement%2065%20days
  13. allright guys here s another day another update it s now day 50 give or take a day or 2 so some pics http://s1168.photobucket.com/user/zoutal/slideshow/basement
  14. congrats bigpapa be well on this new year health to u and yours