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  1. Welcome, 


    Let me help you get started, You can write me by hovering over my name and choosing 'send message' or start a new topic. :)


    We look forward to talking soon. 



  2. Welcome, 


    Let me help you get started, You can write me by hovering over my name and choosing 'send message' or start a new topic. :)


    We look forward to talking soon. 



  3. Join us here. Fenner_s Complete Formulary(1).pdf

    RIP Bacon 2/2018 - 9/1/2021

    Aww. Purple, I am so sad for you, I would think it might be because of all the smoke we've had? so saddened by your loss, May Bacon fly with the eagles. ♥♥


    Thanks, Mimi
  6. Thanks for the share GW.
  7. Happy Birthday!


    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    How is the grow going this year? Did the heat kill anything? What kind of bulbs did you end up buying?

    Best Of PIF Photos

    This is the administrator choice of the best PIF photos,.
  10. Hi, I'm eddie, The day administrator. Let me help you get started, Are you a patient looking for a grower, or are you by chance a grower looking for a patient?




    Someone is normally in the chatroom, Join us tonight around 7 PM


  11. Happy  Birthday. 

  12. Our friend and yours, Robin Warner has passed on to heaven, She was an administrator and dear friend to hundreds, she'll be missed by Cheri and me,
  13. Be sure to let us know how we can help.


    Welcome. :)


    1. maplespicee


      Hello! Thank you for reaching out : D

      I recently posted a thread in the Introductions
      ! As a medical patient, I'm mostly looking to connect with other patients and find growers - I'm somewhat new to the medical marijuana program; my apologizes if I come across as shy

  14. 29 years ago today, you were born, 29 days from today your daughter will be born. :D 




    RIP Feisty

    This is so sad, she was one of my favorite hens I sure am sad about her passing. she looked so much like an eagle to me. Now she flies with them. May she rest in peace. I love all the care you have taken to give Feisty a resting place. ♥
  16. Welcome. 

    Take a look around and let us know how were doing. :) 


    Ask any questions. 



  17. 2ac7ae2627ee1c1304ad8f5d7ef4beb3.png

    1. Purple Power

      Purple Power

      Sour is about there, but I found her a nice retirement home where she can teach young hens the ropes


    190 proof Ethanol from Scratch

    Great read. Thanks for the share.

    New Chicks

    exciting times. Thanks for the share.

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    I understand this is a strain your growing for the first time. may I ask how the trics compare? Is this strain producing the amounts you were hoping for?
  21. I can also change your name or photo. :)


  22. Hi Brandon.


    I'm Eddie. I'd like to help you get started. Give me an idea of how we can best serve you. Were patients helping patients. If you an ommp card member we can offer you our private forums where you can ask for grow supplies, help to grow, or perhaps you can help teach someone else. 


    Let me know soon. :) I come on the site at noon every day and normally hang out until 8 PM Pacific. 

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


    Eddie Kirk

  23. Wishing you a happy birthday and a great summer. :)