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    I need a strain for depression

    I put your question out on Facebook. (Not your name) follow along. Animal cookies Sour diesel Blue Dream, dogwalker Super Silver Haze, Durban Poison, and Thai are a few that come to mind. Blue Dream/Lemon Diesel

    Can Anyone in eugene help?

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  4. March 22, 2020 Marijuana Retail Licensees Allowed to Provide Curbside Delivery Temporary Rule Aligns With Governor’s Executive Order to Promote Social Distancing Portland, OR -- Today the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved a temporary rule that supports social distancing to promote the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, by allowing licensed marijuana retailers to conduct limited transactions outside their licensed premises. The action will permit retail licensees to take orders and deliver products from the retail store to a person who is outside of the store and within 150 feet of the retailer’s licensed premises. At an emergency meeting to consider temporary rules impacting the business activity of OLCC licensees in the alcohol and marijuana industry, the Commission took its action to promote social distancing in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. The Commission’s action aligns with the Governor’s Executive Order that prohibits public gatherings of 25 people or more and encourages people to distance themselves by at least 3 feet while in public. The temporary rule also increases the amount of flower that OMMP cardholders and caregivers can purchase to 24 ounces per day and no more than 32 ounces per month. This change temporarily increases the daily purchase limit for OMMP cardholders to match their personal possession limit. This rule does not change the total monthly amount a cardholder or caregiver is currently permitted to purchase from an OLCC-licensed retailer. The temporary action that the Commission has taken is designed to balance the protection of public health while at the same time helping struggling businesses. Marijuana industry guidance can be found here. “Every single decision that this agency is making, both for the liquor and the marijuana industries, are there for the consideration of helping people make a living and continue to make a living,” said Paul Rosenbaum, OLCC Commission Chair. During the period of March 1-18, 2020, OLCC marijuana retailers have seen a 25-30% increase in sales compared to the same period last year. Retail marijuana stores remain open, but these changes will let them operate in a way that is consistent with the guidance from the Executive Order by decreasing in-store activity. However, the OLCC made it clear that if individual licensees take advantage of the temporary rule by disrupting public safety or public health that the rule could be suspended for the whole industry. “We’re asking our retailers to make sure to work with the community and local officials so that this can happen in a safe and non-obstructive way to city services, otherwise we’ll need to make changes,” said Steve Marks, OLCC Executive Director. ### Media contact: Mark Pettinger at 503-872-5115; 971-235-7561 (cell) Spokesperson, Marijuana Program mark.pettinger@oregon.gov
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    Changes ahead?

    There is a grisly truth that patients are currently facing. Ever since the state of Oregon voted to regulate cannabis for Adult-use in 2015, the state's existing medical cannabis program (OMMP) began to come under siege. Back then OMMP was serving 78,045 patients registrants while simultaneously supplying the whole Adult-use market in the state of Oregon with "early Adult-use sales." Now, in 2020 there are 24,801 patients left. In recent years, we've seen change after change that has affected patient access. We’ve seen patient transaction limits from OLCC retailers reduced drastically from 24oz to 1oz per visit. The state decided that having an OMMP card was essentially a death sentence for any patient in need of an organ transplant and as recent as last year, the legislature created a new rule requiring all OMMP medical gardens to have a written consent form from the property owner. This puts the patients in a position where they are forced to discuss their medical information with their landlord which exposes them to discrimination. Additionally, that information is available to banking institutions and a bank has the authority to demand the mortgage be paid in full if they find out that the landlord is complicit with the medical garden on the property. No landlord in their right mind will sign that form. The Oregon SunGrowers Guild opposed that legislation last year and we were essentially told that it was happening, whether we liked it or not and that somebody would have to sue the state to reverse that rule change
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  11. First of all, I want to thank all of you who sent condolences after myhusband’s passing in January 2019. Your messages of love were likestars of light in a very dark time. They helped me find my way back to“being me” after being overwhelmed with grief.I’ve had some sweet little emotional highs recently, like making anold-fashioned “Sun Bonnet Sue” quilt for my friend’s beautiful babygirl. But I must admit that the latest “high” was wonderfully andabsolutely mind-blowing for me!I’m in “HIGH TIMES” magazine!Higher Profile: Granny Storm Crow, Grass Roots Advocatehttps://hightimes.com/activism/higher-profile-granny-storm-crow-grass-roots-advocate/The author, Sharon Letts, and I had met briefly, years ago. Werecently reconnected via email, “hit it off” again, and the articlehappened. I thought she’d end up posting it up in her blog, or somesmall local publication, but when I opened the link, there was thatlittle red and white “HIGH TIMES” logo! WOW!Anyway, between quilting and “life, the universe and everything”, onceagain, I got started late on checking the thousands of links in myList. I was able to properly edit “only” a little over 2000 pages- thecurrent studies section, plus the repeats of those studies that are inother sections.You’ll know which ones have been checked- they now show the names ofcountries after the study’s title. Most new studies now list theinstitutes that the scientists are affiliated with, so I’ve addedtheir countries. It’s not all Israel, Canada and the US doing themajority of studies any more. There are some surprising “new players”in the world of cannabinoid research, Brazil is one example. Whenpossible, I am also including links to the studies in other languages.But I want you to see what I see- that whether as a medicine, anindustrial crop, a promising food source, or a safer intoxicant – allthe nations that legally can, are researching cannabis.Endocannabinoid system research is basically found world-wide, sinceall humans and higher animals have an endocannabinoid system. I findit hopeful that scientists, whose countries may be old enemies, or newpolitical rivals, can be “adult” enough to put aside their differencessufficiently to create coherent, scientific documents that benefittheir various countries, and the scientific world as a whole.Meanwhile, far too many of our politicians can’t agree on even “commonsense” matters! Throughout 2019, various polls noted that abouttwo-thirds of the American public wants cannabis legalized. Are ourpoliticians listening? And that’s all I’m saying about politics,except, “PLEASE VOTE WISELY”!(A little very stoned musing- Is cannabis “the Tree of Life that isfor the healing of nations”? Will medical patients, “stoners”,scientists and researchers be the ones to start the dialogs we need tokeep our world’s ecology from falling apart? Could cannabis researchbecome a friendly “space race” with a more cooperative goal of healingthe earth and its people?)Back to the List- you may note that some of the abstracts now have twoURLs. Not all abstracts are created equal. More information is a goodthing, so, two sources. And speaking of information, the List ismeant to be shared, so share it with your friends (and maybe yourdoctor?). It just takes a moment to forward the whole thing!As usual, I have divided up the List into sections. Once you open alink, on the left-hand side there should be a tool bar with a littleribbon-shaped icon, "bookmarks", click it for get the navigationindex. Once that’s up, just scroll down the subjects to see what’sthere. Cannabis may not cure the common cold, but it certainly has alot of possible uses!Section 1 is mostly news articles with a small “Beginner’s section”and a mini-dictionary to get you started. If you are new, orreturning to cannabis, this is where to start your education. Thelast decade has brought changes in how cannabis is used, as well asnew discoveries in medical uses and the workings of theendocannabinoid system.You might want to copy the little dictionary and make a hard copy ofit. I double spaced it so you would have room to add a few definitionsof your own. Learning the new words is half the battle ofunderstanding a study. When I was first learning about all this, Ikept a second window open just to look up the words that were new tome. There were a lot of new words.https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwrul9iitzqbo4n/GSCLJan2020News%2Bdictionary.pdf?dl=1Section 2 is the largest section filled with the current studies (2015to 2020). Occasionally, you will find studies far older than 2015, butonly in a few special interest areas such as the “Cultivation” or the“History” subsections. “Methods of Use” highlights the many ways touse cannabis, and has recipes for edibles, tinctures and topicals.https://www.dropbox.com/s/281xqjljwwyys2a/GSCLJan2020NewStudies.pdf?dl=1Section 3 starts with recent studies dated 2010 to 2014. These studiesaren’t that old, so don’t ignore them! The section then continueswith the Phytocannabinoid studies which should be of interest to many.There is a lot more to cannabis than “just” THC and CBD!https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksuaskzcftm2hw6/GSCL20202010studies%2BPhytos.pdf?dl=1Section 4 contains studies dated 2009 and earlier. The older studiesof the 1970s to 1990s often explore those basic questions (“Doescannabis go bad?”, “How long to hold a hit”, etc.). Then there aresome prime examples of “Reefer Madness” from the 1930s, but alsostudies predating cannabis prohibition (and its bias), including anumber of 1800s British case studies. Personally, I really enjoy thevery old studies.Below the oldest studies are the studies on the new syntheticcannabinoids, which unlike the natural cannabinoids, can be fatal.“The Synthetics” also includes a few other substances that can affectthe endocannabinoid system, like sugar and phthalates.https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2gt8pdxybkkjtf/GSCLJan2020Older%2BSyn.pdf?dl=1Section 5 details the workings of the endocannabinoid system.Anandamide, 2-AG, and CB1 and CB2 receptors are just the start! Theendocannabinoid system is involved with just about everything yourbody and mind do. A damaged or dysregulated endocannabinoid system isnoted in many diseases and obesity. The study of the endocannabinoidsystem is the future of medicine!https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dve6x0x9amwuvm/GSCLJan2020ECS%2BG.pdf?dl=1I have tried to provide all of you with the medical, sociological, andhistorical sources you will need to learn more about cannabis and howthe cannabinoids affect us.One last word of caution, are all the studies in my List“pro-cannabis”? The answer is “no”. Nothing in this world is 100%safe, or good, and there are some situations when cannabis should beavoided, and you should know about them. Yet, that is no excuse fordecades of lies and harsh punishments for cannabis use that ourgovernments have inflicted upon us.It’s 2020, time to see our way to legalization, and share the truthabout cannabis. And like my grandfather once said,” If the truthwon’t do, then something is wrong!”
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