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  1. These are the players. Tonight is the drawing. 

    tumbleweed 73
    purple power 482
    Tentoes1962 123
    GeneralSmokeUpington 501
    Know&Grow 328
    503loyaltoker 559
    Tomi 343
    Rick45 451
    rlaurie421 17
    Mr. wolf 420
    Wired 710
    Angie H 136
    Robert M 523
    Brett B 310
    Jeremy J 456
    David H 99
    Linda A 142
    Tyler S 500
    Vickie D 54
    Karen M 50

  2. Have you ever tried hot knifing it? Take 2 knives and heat one up almost red, put your fresh hash on the cold knife and place the 2 knives together with the hash in between. Use a straw to suck up the smoke it makes when the 2 knives connect.  This guy uses a Gaterade bottle it looks like. lol


  3. Thank you for sharing so much about Copper with us over the past 3 years, (Boy did those go fast.) I know how much this hurts you. I know how generous you are with your pets and understand how much you tried to make his last years comfortable. I watched as he shared Christmas with your family, I have seen the gifts you bought him. So many things that were his will always be his. 


    He could not have gotten 3  more years at the pound and I thank you for giving him the best life could offer. 


    Sleep easily tonight knowing Copper is among other pets just like our beloved "Chunk", life eternal is for all living beings, 


    We'll ALL see you soon Copper. Until then rest in peace. 🕊️

  4. Rolling Paper Depot & OMMP Pay it Forward are Proud to announce our Spring Giveaway. 

    Pick a number between 2 -710

    The closest to the number (Without going over.) WINS.

    Contest ends Saturday, June 1st between 7 and 7:30 PM


    (Additional samplers can be found and bought on our friend's website)




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  5. Oh wow, thanks for telling me all that. She has learned a lot. The right turn and left-hand heel. Are things I'd never heard of. I also never heard about the settle command. Versus just stop it.
    That loose leash command also will come in handy. I think once you get through the second class, she'll be ready to work around chickens? What do you think?

  6. 2 hours ago, Purple Power said:

    Chloe has graduated from basic training today. She starts her next class on the 22nd



    4  1 2019 Chloe  grad basic 1.jpg

    What a good girl. 

  7. It is with great sadness that I announce our friend and yours Ed has passed away. Complications of the flu... caused pneumonia and a bone marrow infection. They amputated his leg yesterday in hopes of stopping the infection...


    He will be missed by many. May God bless his family and friends with long life and good health.