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  1. Grinning Reaper Dry Siever

    What you will find after you join:


    •Seasoned cultivators will share secrets to successful harvests.

    •Retired Scientists/Patients who are willing to share their medication, tips on how to produce quality medication every harvest.

    •Mentoring by experienced growers.

    •Grow room tips and DIY advice by our professional installers.

    •Oregon carded members will gain access to our private forums.

    •You’ll find cannabis legislation and more.

    •OMMP Pay it forward is a community of compassionate people willing to offer help today.

    •All free!

    PIF is about Peace, Love and actually caring about one and another! We teach Paying it Forward, by how we help those in need. There are many sick and dying people here, are goal is to lesson the stress for the sick. We are not trying to be all about "RULES" but because of our society there will be humans that will take advantage of that and we are aware of this. Our Administrators have experienced first hand how others take advantage of situations, We have all known one and another for several years and trust each others opinions and decisions. When or if we see a situation arise we are on top of it, we have no intentions of causing any hardships or stress for our members.