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  1. Happiest of Birthday Wishes!!!

  2. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. 

    1. PeacePipe


      Thanks Eddiekirk.. Thought that I had the bdays blocked lol 😁 but it looks like it was not so here.. Been a while and I am happy to see the sites still growing 👌

  3. Hmmmmmm , I think out of all the mixes made with Clyde that this one will have the highest ratio of stability , refreshing the old color coding ;)
  4. PeacePipe

    Garden of Blazen

    Someone say Wrecked Berry ? I love this cross my friends and am looking forward to seeing her once again .. Anything created with the Plush Male on Kaks part should be held tightly too , the chances of finding this combination of recessive expression will be hard to find ever again ..
  5. I think its all about excessive consumption more than anything , of course weed can make one sick if abused .. Been there a few times lol , sadly it was just as bad as any alcohol hangover .. I had to quit eating oil by the spoonful lmao - Tablespoon was to blame , now I use a teaspoon
  6. PeacePipe

    Prayer requests for SPLIFF

    Prayers up for Spliff !
  7. PeacePipe

    Dream Affy

    Oh that Dreamy Affy can be very electrifying as pointed out .. I have to say the frame could be a coat hanger with these ones lol
  8. Nice work brother Pete . I look forward to hearing more about the subtle notes in due time .. Like fine wine they often change but this you knew long ago Lil-e
  9. Spot on my brother . I have grown more of Clydes children than I care to count and have moved forward with the select few and proven opposite . I do believe it would actually be pretty easy to shake the space queen right out of every mix as we have studied this males offspring for over 2 years and counting .. I moved forward with one cross on the F2 level but it is a Co Dom fix
  10. I am thinking like smokey the bear , STOP , DROP AND ROLL .. That is a lot of fire to put out .. Damn commercial growers have no concerns for the environment and greed is an evil thing as we know ..
  11. PeacePipe

    Mystery Oil in butane

    As always , much respect and gratitude for the work Skunk Pharm has done and continues to do for the world wide medical community , without you we would be light years behind in study and knowledge ..
  12. PeacePipe

    Wonder Wonder and Punta Roja x Plush grow

    Sending good karma and vibes , please feel free to add more ... Hope all is well Big-E !
  13. PeacePipe

    greenhouse power 2nd year....

    Thanks for the morning Greenhouse porn Zzz brother ... Looking fabulous over there and I do wish I could smell it all inside there ;)
  14. PeacePipe

    weed metal?

    Pantera !
  15. Pete I love ya like a brother but I have to call Bullshit on this one too as we both know the truth here heheh ... I need not say anymore lol Male plants are usually dumped early into the cultivation process because they don't contain any of the chemicals which give the user the 'high'.