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  1. the real you??? i thought i knew the real you lol....
  2. looking gr8 bro.. thought id stop by and see whats going on over here...sweet talk soon..
  3. kak1963

    Purple Dream (Blue Dream + Purple Kush)

    i diff see the dream in the leafs Karr and sounds li ya got her covered for all problems lol... good karma..
  4. kak1963


    see a few serrated leaf spots trying to come threw.. nice man..
  5. kak1963


    looking cool cool brother rock it...
  6. kak1963

    PHOTO Contest October 2014

    looks good my man..
  7. kak1963

    PHOTO Contest October 2014

    congrats on the win JM... ... looks yummy. that's the pineapple diesel of course.... what a monster
  8. kak1963

    Dieselberry, Wreckberry by KaK...

    ahh some DB .. bro your rocking them girls as there looking happy happy my man... look forward to seeing these Finnish... later brother...
  9. kak1963


    cool cool... glad u saved one now fingers crossed its a girl ... glad u have work bro hats the main thing
  10. so true the farther north ya go the more u like her... i love our 4 seasons....
  11. kak1963


    how s it going bro??? did ya get to save the one ?? hope so as im seeing fire in these in flower at this time..
  12. looks like back to 5gal food grade tub and food grade stick .... they can even use a food grade blender to turn the stuff... theirs ways to comply just need to use there heads...
  13. aint that the truth freeker needs elephant tranquilizer meds....
  14. kak1963


    to funny Catmanmoo bahahahaha...
  15. kak1963


    dang cats anyways lol.. oh well fingers crossed for ya brother...