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  1. Peaceman

    Late Flower Cloning

    thats cool good info, i didn't know you could take cuttings at harvest even, thats good to know for future failure to clone 2 weeks into bloom. right on
  2. Peaceman

    Hear you got a thing about giraffes…

    did that really just happen!? lol. i kept waiting for something intense to happen. giraffes dont normally high dive like that, they must be using performance enhancers to do this...
  3. what a beautiful person, you can see his soul is beautiful through his eyes. really cool story bro thanks for sharing.
  4. i'm selling my car today, for a better place to live comfortably. well worth it! :)

    1. Peaceman


      You must be on the road. right?

    3. Peaceman


      tomorrow i will be, so i can head up with my brother with his friend. saturday, sunday at the latest but hopefully saturday

  5. Peaceman

    sweet and low snl thanks to medi

    looks great! very frosty
  6. Peaceman

    Test Run Of Kaks - Punta Roja

    Ronnie had a visit from the local power folks with guns and he had to thin the plant count, she was taken down to comply,,,,, bs thats lame! Keep on Keepin on, is the only way
  7. i tend to randomly make oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies :P

    1. l3SV


      I do the oatmeal too. weird.

    2. xbrpete


      funny, I tend to randomly eat same when in line of sight,,,

  8. Peaceman

    Dieselberry, Wreckberry by KaK...

    looks great! right on! good show keep it up!
  9. Peaceman

    Couple of Garden Pics.

    very nice, look forward to seeing your kush and sour d grow. Peaceman
  10. http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/state&id=9050893 SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KABC) -- The U.S. Coast Guard made a major marijuana bust west of the Channel Islands. Crew members of the Cutter Alert confiscated more than 3.3 tons of marijuana on Sunday. The drugs were found on a vessel about 90 miles west of San Nicolas Island, which is part of the Channel Islands. A Coast Guard C-130 Hercules aircraft discovered the vessel during a routine offshore patrol. Authorities said the suspects began jettisoning bales as the boat sped south at a high rate of speed. Officials recovered more than 245 bales of contraband. The Coast Guard said drug cartels use this sea route to smuggle narcotics and other illegal cargo into California. (Copyright ©2013 KABC-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.) The U.S. Coast Guard made a major marijuana bust west of the Channel Islands on Sunday, March 31, 2013 anybody missing anything ?
  11. Peaceman

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Nice job, it looks like another green thumb pif member! WOOO! welcome!
  12. Peaceman

    Prayers needed for our friend

    Dear lord, be with Vinny at this time more than ever, cancer is not of God, cancer shouldn't exist at all. May it be gone from his body and recovery to 100% health if it be your will God. In Jesus name i pray, Amen
  13. Nevermind. that almost caused my fan to stop and now it's not working as well as it was, looks like today i need a new fan, exactly what i needed today <sarcasm. the fan is going out anyways since it's making so much noise. still not sure the best way to mount these. you should hear this fan oh my God. It's bad. ok i will buy a new fan. nevermind can close this it helps nobody. thanks, peaceman