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  1. https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015R1/Committees/JM91/Overview We have an activism emergency!! SB 936 would limit grow sites to 2 in residential and 4 in non residential. This won't work so then they will be forced to pass commercial licenses. There is a rumor that this could go through this week. If this passes this means just about everyone in a co op will lose their grower in January 2016. https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015R1/Committees/JM91/OverviewMeasure 91 Joint Committee especially co-chair Ginny Burdock. "Makes changes to law providing for registration of marijuana grow sites under Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Requires person responsible for grow site to register with authority if person processes marijuana into medical marijuana products. Provides for regulation of medical marijuana products. Directs Oregon Health Authority to develop and maintain database of information for tracking produced and processed marijuana. Specifies amount of marijuana that may be kept and number of marijuana plants that may be produced at single address. Makes other changes to Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, including changes to harmonize Oregon Medical Marijuana Act with chapter 1, Oregon Laws 2015. Becomes operative March 1, 2016. Declares emergency, effective on passage." https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015R1/Measures/Overview/SB936
  2. shortglide

    Looking for growers ~

    If you are a grower and would like to grow for patients, please, please, please contact eddiekirk
  3. shortglide

    Bud worms

    My friend got bud worms. We figured that they come from a moth. Can sometime enlighten me please?
  4. shortglide

    Please help me find a companion

    I'm desperately seeking a companion dog. Small to med size. The dog i had was too big for me and i had to rehome her. I, like a lot of you, suffer from anxiety, ptsd, depression and a few other issues. I'm having a hard time without a friend. If you know anyone that has a dog that needs a home let me know please. I can't have a dog that is a barker. It's a trigger for me. I'm in Springfield but will come to portland. Thank you. Please make my Christmas.
  5. shortglide

    Please help me find a companion

    Thank you first ogf fort the helpful info. I did manage to find a 3 month old pug/ terrier named Hunter. I forgot how sharp puppy teeth are. He's had no real training as far as i can tell, but we are working in that and sit is starting to beunderstood.
  6. Well it's obvious that they were selling product prior to testing. I hope they (OHA) start checking their books. I'm sure it's not the first time. It's wrong. Who passes off weed that is over loaded with pesticides she mumbled to herself as she walked away shaking her head...
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    For Cheri38

  8. shortglide

    Police impersonators visit pot grow

    Ha, I contacted the sheriff and boated them. They contacted me back wanting more info. I sent him the link to the article. Thanks purp.
  9. And just when does the answer come?
  10. shortglide

    Going to the Gathering of Healers (Member request) ~

    My car ended up needing tires and brakes. Your help is appreciated.
  11. I work with a Co-Op of medical marijuana growers. Unfortunately, with the OLCC changes some of our growers have decided to grow rec, thereby throwing their patients to the wind. We are in need of growers. If this peaks your interest then please PM me. Patients are the most important people and we understand that all being medical patients ourselves. It's important to take care of these patients. These are people on fixed incomes, cannot grow for many reasons such as disability, location lack of funds etc. These people are your family your neighbors and in your community and they should not be forced to go without meds because they cannot afford to go to a dispensary like myself. I would have to make the hard decision to have to quit. Let's not put all patients in this position. Only with patients can we get changes to the OMMP being made in our favor. If the amount of patients drops, that gives OR the "in" to take it all away. We can't let this happen. Please PM me for more details.
  12. http://www.marijuana.com/blog/news/2016/03/oregon-removes-residency-obstacles-for-participation-in-legal-cannabis/
  13. shortglide

    While living in NY

    For reasons left unsaid I found myself living in Yonkers NY from Encino CA between 1974 - 1976. While it was a great experience for the most part, it had a lot of down sides too. Anyway, it must have been somewhere in 1975. Me and a smoke buddy had gotten a joint of Panama Red. (not too hard back then. In fact you could get a "four finger" bag for $50 back then) We went to a park to smoke it. Well you know what they say about Panama Red. It is kick butt weed. We got so high we couldn't even finish the joint. In fact I got so high I couldn't go home. I was afraid my aunt was there and I would get busted. So I went to my local hangout, Nathans (yes the hot dog place), in the Game Room (I was fantastic at the Magic 8 Pin Ball game) to be with my other smoke buddies. The longer I waited the higher I got. All I wanted to do was sleep but so afraid to go home. I tried everything to come down. Soda, water, food, nothing would bring me down. I finally got up the nerve to go home. By sheer luck the house was empty. I fell out on the bed and passed out for a couple of hours. So the point of the story is that if you could get your hands on some real Panama Red and good luck on that, "It will steal your woman and it will rob your head" as the song goes. Living in NY gave me access to a lot of really good pot back in the day when I was first smoking. Then I moved back to Cali to find this dirt looking weed with a million seeds in it with everyone saying how great it was. Took a while to find that Sensimillia, Purple Thai Stick, Indica, etc. The good stuff, not that Columbian with a million seed. I remember having to use a shoe box lid to sift and there was always a few that you missed.
  14. shortglide

    The Record Company

  15. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/remove-the-classification?akid=164332.14780548.r_Npz3&rd=1&source=mo&t=1
  16. shortglide

    Petition to DEclassify Marijuana

    sorry I wrote it wrong.
  17. This pretty much sums it up nicely. Let me add about the lack of balance requiring the use of a cane. There are many things that could be added but this will suffice. Anyone suffering from this will understand. For the rest of you it will help you understand.
  18. shortglide

    Number one songs

    Let's play a game shall we. I'll start. The object is to play the number one song from any year you choose. This song was number one in 1970. https://youtu.be/H_a46WJ1viA
  19. shortglide

    SB 1511

    Please read all the way through the bill. Pertinent info towards the bottom. The Oregon Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would allow recreational marijuana stores to sell tax-free medical marijuana to patients. http://www.oregonlive.com/marijuana/index.ssf/2016/02/oregon_senate_signs_off_on_bil.html
  20. shortglide

    Number one songs

    on this day 1967 https://youtu.be/XfuBREMXxts
  21. shortglide

    Maggie Mae

    ES I'm so sorry.