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    I am a grandma to 7 beautiful grandchildren and 3 great grown kids. I suffer from many illnesses including fibromyalgia. Today I am sober and walk the Red Road.this year I'm going to have a great garden. I am also a self described biker, hippy, mountain woman.

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  1. shortglide

    Please help me find a companion

    Thank you first ogf fort the helpful info. I did manage to find a 3 month old pug/ terrier named Hunter. I forgot how sharp puppy teeth are. He's had no real training as far as i can tell, but we are working in that and sit is starting to beunderstood.
  2. shortglide

    Please help me find a companion

    I'm desperately seeking a companion dog. Small to med size. The dog i had was too big for me and i had to rehome her. I, like a lot of you, suffer from anxiety, ptsd, depression and a few other issues. I'm having a hard time without a friend. If you know anyone that has a dog that needs a home let me know please. I can't have a dog that is a barker. It's a trigger for me. I'm in Springfield but will come to portland. Thank you. Please make my Christmas.
  3. Well it's obvious that they were selling product prior to testing. I hope they (OHA) start checking their books. I'm sure it's not the first time. It's wrong. Who passes off weed that is over loaded with pesticides she mumbled to herself as she walked away shaking her head...
  4. shortglide

    For Cheri38

  5. shortglide

    Bud worms

    My friend got bud worms. We figured that they come from a moth. Can sometime enlighten me please?
  6. shortglide

    Police impersonators visit pot grow

    Ha, I contacted the sheriff and boated them. They contacted me back wanting more info. I sent him the link to the article. Thanks purp.
  7. And just when does the answer come?
  8. shortglide

    Going to the Gathering of Healers (Member request) ~

    My car ended up needing tires and brakes. Your help is appreciated.
  9. http://www.marijuana.com/blog/news/2016/03/oregon-removes-residency-obstacles-for-participation-in-legal-cannabis/
  10. shortglide

    The Record Company

  11. shortglide

    Petition to DEclassify Marijuana

    sorry I wrote it wrong.