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  1. wired57

    CBD oil, MCT and CBD Distillate

    cost to make vs buying premade? hope it works well.
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  4. I don't see them taken. looked though the thread?
  5. wired57

    Succulents, Photos

    was stretching for light before went in tent think this one is Echeveria ‘Laulindsa’ up close A Baby! my other succulent i think an Echeveria nodulosa 'Painted Beauty' up close
  6. wired57

    never look at a Banana the same way again

    Don't forget they also Generate Anti matter http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/2009/07/23/antimatter-from-bananas
  7. wired57

    PH meter's, which one? ~

    use water one and then test runoff water's ph
  8. wired57

    OMMP Changes

    Recently I received this letter in the mail. this really angers me, as you can see the letter was typed up in Feb, and yet we didn't get it until After the changes were applied.
  9. wired57

    Question about LED lighting

    less heat aswell, so less cooling needed
  10. wired57

    DIY growbox (repurposed from PC Tower)

    the fan was 12v DC, not 110V AC. so thats why it did that.
  11. Thank You Powell House Cannabis club! I really enjoyed the Ace of Spades. It was frosted to the peak. Once I broke into the inside it was purple. The terpenes were delicious and I was able to taste them after vaporizing it for at least 5 min.
  12. wired57

    Name the machine (what am I for?)

    Someone write me and tell me. it's used on something in this picture.
  13. wired57

    Lush Retail Store!

    nice, love all the plants.
  14. wired57

    Blue Dream ~ Lush "Luminator X2" test

    can i lick it?
  15. wired57

    Blue Dream ~ Lush "Luminator X2" test

    the lamp has builtin fans, similar to cfl heat wise this lamp 2x2-2x3
  16. wired57

    Thank you Powell House Cannabis Club

    Thanks for the great food/samples.
  17. wired57

    Thanks EddieKirk

  18. wired57

    Thanks Dear Friends

    glad i could help.
  19. wired57

    The Lush LED Lighting challenge

    would you run two of them over the same plant, or two so you can have an larger grow area?