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  1. l3SV


    We will do it later.
  2. I live just a 10 minute walk from la mota, Beaverton. I've been going here for over a year now. My purchases have been flowers and $20-ish dabables. "Hush" and "NW Kind" brands of concentrates are what I look for. These folks have learned who I am, the faves I come in looking for, and have made me feel very welcome. I've come in when they were slammed busy and knowing I'd be waiting, one associate on his way to get a product for another customer, grabbed and handed me a list of recently received stock that hadnt been put away yet that came in with my interests on it to browse. How nice!!! I call in often to make sure they have $20 concentrates in stock before I pedal my bike down there 2x I've been voice recognized, haha.
  3. In years past I tended to hit my 30% Amber around oct 15th. The plants look about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Like when our southern Oregon friends normally harvest ahead of us. Are yours looking to finish earlier this year due to weather?
  4. l3SV

    THC/CBD Season 2017

    Outstanding, beautiful.
  5. l3SV

    THC/CBD Season 2017

    Spotted these beauties but they got away, for now. 😉
  6. l3SV

    THC/CBD Season 2017

    Test buds taken shot down in Beaverton, Oregon today.
  7. l3SV

    THC/CBD Season 2017

    Well, it's time to start filling those hunting tags for this season. Time to go hunting for the best and biggest. Show us your trophys.
  8. l3SV

    Bud rot

    I was out pulling off lower wilted leaves (color faded ones to yellow) that have already given their growing power back to the flowering parts of the plant when I found IT. In the middle of a healthy top cola, there was a single wilted yellow fan leaf, where it should be fading yet. I plucked it out finding the bud rot at it's base. YES, it is VERY important to check each and every daily.
  9. l3SV

    Bud rot

    Ahh, I think I'll start washing scissors and clothes after and use gloves.
  10. l3SV

    Bud rot

    It's that time again here in the great pacific NW, time to battle the rot. This year I covered my plants on any rain days. Still got it. Cut it off immidiately. Put it in a samich baggie and threw it away. How do you choose to do battle?
  11. l3SV

    Bailey, also known as Dude

    We do everything together.
  12. l3SV

    Bailey, also known as Dude

    Here, I'm working on the shelf unit for my youngest...
  13. l3SV

    Bailey, also known as Dude

    He's mah handsome cactus.
  14. l3SV

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    They can slow fall. ???? My grandpa gave my brother and me a starter set when we were under 10. I think they were bantam buffs. We named them...Mike and Molly. Pete and Polly. Before long we had a good 20 or so. Lotta fun and life experience there. It was in the chicken coop that I learned to handle death for the first time. Sometimes the chicks get stuck and get too cold in the watering equipment. We'd bury those sweet babies in small decorated boxes out behind the garden.