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    The Columbia Rriver Gorge
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    Hiking, camping, beach combing, spelunking and making new friends. Im currently single and not looking. It only been a few months.
  1. Where will they get there meds from then?
  2. Kitten

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    I am a single Christian woman with a Beagle named Rudy. We have lived in the same apartment for 14 years now. Well Rudy is only 6. It has been on my heart to live somewhere far from people preferably in the woods.....hopefully with a deck and hottub...to find some room mates and find this place. I need to move from here soon they are taking away my beautiful rose garden....and wont let me grow my meds indoors either. I live in Washington and cant stay here without being able to grow. I would need evenly yoked Christian roommates. If anyone would like to pursue this please contact me. Thanks
  3. Kitten

    YOUR VOTES NEEDED PLEASE~ommp photo of the month

    I still have yet to see buds like these! Sweet indeed!
  4. Thanks for being here with us. :)

    1. Kitten


      Thanks for the great site :)

  5. That was a beautiful tribute.
  6. Kitten

    YOUR VOTES NEEDED PLEASE~ommp photo of the month

    That is so beautiful!
  7. Kitten

    Sherlock is in the hospital .

    Dear Friends....I stand with Eddie in his beautiful prayer over Sherlock....Stand with us both...in Jesus Name Amen
  8. Kitten

    CONTEST A Greenhouse Grow,,, RESULTS POSTED!

    That was big fun and educational also....thanks for doing it! Hugs Does anyone know why that last post has a line drawn though it? Prob just a fluke.
  9. Yikes...Yikes...Yikes...and WA is trying to take away Medical marijuana completely away from us too. Sure hope the rapture comes soon. This world is just getting crazy. Lol that was just my tiny PTSD attack. Keep the faith!
  10. Kitten

    PIF Christmas Party TODAY 22nd 12 noon-

    I will sure try to get to this one! I have a car now. Prayer up that I have gas and courage to make the drive. I really want to meet my good Facebook friend!
  11. Just shows how much brighter we must let our lights of love shine in this dark and evil time we are in. I always know that even on the darkest night or the stormiest day that my God, my Lord and Savor Jesus is always with me. I pray for these people who were hurt in this that they would come to know Gods peace that surpasses all understanding. Hugs all!