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  1. Just found out today that the tumers on my lungs have gone from 3 to 1! The only treatment I've been doing is using RSO. I'm so happy I've been crying happy tears all day!

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    2. Chris Paulsen

      Chris Paulsen

      So glad to hear that you kept the faith and hope all is going well! And remember,always give thanks and remember that the universe will take care of us if we listen!

    3. Caedmon Michael
    4. itsonlyaplant
  2. This is my first grow by myself and I have mites and don't know how to get rid of them! Please help me thank you
  3. getting ready to head up to Portland! yay!



      Be careful on the road, We'll see you in the afternoon. :)

  4. My husband helped me do the soap and water and we put them outside at night for a couple nights and the bugs are almost gone we are going to keep putting them outside at night for now thank you for the help
  5. Thanks for the tip, the plants are in veg and they are not really bad, but I wanted to try and get rid of them before they get bad. Thank you very much I will try this tonight
  6. just learned how to make the best medicated peanut butter cups... mmmmmmmm



      Now that sounds good!

  7. I hate pneumonia...

    1. offdababa


      :( hope ya get better some Hippie.


      Get well soon. ♥

  8. OK I'm heading to bed myself I'll try and find a ride up there soon thank you for helping me
  9. It is pretty clean and the walls are covered in plastic that has been wiped down really good when will I need to have the other light? And it might take me awhile to make it up to Portland I don't have a vehicle right now
  10. No it doesn't and I think we have two different ones around here
  11. OK I'll go buy some of the happy frog this weekend when I can make it to town
  12. I also have the perlit left from last year. The person who was going to help me grew here last year so there are some things laying around still
  13. I have a big bag of black gold and lots of planters all different sizes
  14. I have a small room aprx. 8x6 no window, it has been used as a grow room in the past, the only light that gets in is from the light we have in there now. I can take pics tomorrow and put them up so you can see it
  15. I have some equipment and want to start something indoors. I know I need a better light and a few other things but not really sure what. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  16. trying to get things started...

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      600 is great for blooming a couple small plants or maybe one that puts off 8 ounces

      1000 watt might do 6 plants with 4-6 ounces each


    4. DirtyHippie


      And go ahead and start a subject for me


  17. yay i finally got it to work! thanks kirk for the help today love you



      It was fun seeing you the other day. I enjoyed meeting you're friend. And let TJ know I'm happy for him. :)


    2. DirtyHippie


      i really enjoyed visiting you guys too and i will tell tj. thank you for all the knowledge you gave us it will come in useful



      Anytime sweet heart, I hope to see you again soon.